Jesse James Designs Special Pistol for President Donald Trump

Donald Trump has received his fair share of gifts since he first took office, but his latest present from Jesse James might take the cake.

The former Monster Garage cast member made Trump a .45 caliber pistol, constructed in his custom firearms shop. He unveiled the pistol via Instagram Thursday.

"I think it's pretty much the law," James wrote. "If you build guns and your friend becomes president, you build him a badass gun!"

The gun is plated in 24-karat gold with Donald J. Trump written along the barrel and the presidential seal engraved into the grip. James also designed a wooden box to hold the gun made of one of George Washington's 13 chestnut trees with "DJT" and "45th" on the engraving.

"I wanted to really do something special," James said in an interview with Maxim. "Even without the presidency, I wanted to do something that was a little on the flamboyant side. Something that looks kinda badass, like a “Dirty Harry” gun. Dirty Harry always had that long .44 Magnum. So it seemed kinda obvious that we should do a .45 caliber since he’s the 45th president, right?"

James said he couldn't give an exact amount on how much its worth, but has made guns that have sold for up to $100,000.

"I could sell it to him so he could own it," James said. "A couple friends of mine that are governors want me to take it to the White House and present it to him as like, a formal thing. I mean, I guess that would be cool, but then it becomes property of the people and it’ll go to the [Presidential] Library when he’s not president anymore, which I guess is cool for the gun because it’ll be on display, but I kinda think he should keep it and shoot it, because it’s an awesome gun."

James has previously made guns for Kid Rock, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Eric Clapton.