Corey Feldman Reacts to Marijuana Possession Charge on Twitter

Corey Feldman, who was cited late Saturday night for marijuana possession in Louisiana, reacted to the charges on Twitter Sunday.

Feldman stressed that he was not actually arrested or jailed, but he did receive a misdemeanor charge because a member of his crew had medical marijuana with a California prescription.

"Hi #everybody [and] happy 22nd! [For] the record, I was not arrested or put in jail. I received a misdemeanor in Louisiana, due [to] a member of my crew having medical marijuana, with a legal ca prescription, I had nothing on me, but was charged because [it’s] my bus," Feldman wrote. "Also 5 others were charged due 2 having legal medicines without their particular bottles. No illegal or street drugs were found on the bus at all!"

Feldman said none of the members of his band spent the night in jail.

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"However we were promised that these charges could all [be] dropped with proof of proper scripts," Feldman wrote. "It was a bit of a good [ol’] shakedown! After we paid them in cash, they asked [for] pics [and] autographs, [and] then called the local paper [to] do interviews!"

In his last tweet on the subject, Feldman questioned the timing of the arrest, which came just hours after he spoke out against Hollywood pedophilia. However, he said the incident won't keep him and his band from performing in Houston tonight to raise money for hurricane relief in Houston.

"I do find the timing of all this ironic! But have no fear, we [are] headed [to] Houston [and] will perform the benefit concert [tonight] to help raise [money]."

Late Saturday night, Feldman and his band were supposed to perform in Live Oaks Bar & Ballroom in Monroe. On the way, their RV was stopped for speeding, and police smelled a "strong odor" of marijuana coming from the van, Mangham Police Chief Perry Fleming told The Blast.

According to the site, Feldman allowed officers to search the RV and a small amount of marijuana was found. Police told the site the Stand By Me actor was arrested and paid a $400 fine.

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Fleming told The Blast that other members in the band had more serious prescription drugs and were arrested. Feldman explained in his tweets that his bandmates had prescription medication without their bottles.

Photo Credit: Getty / Gabriel Olsen