Wendy Williams Takes Son to Strip Club for First Time

Wendy Williams is filling the shoes of her ex-husband Kevin Hunter and guiding their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., through some major life moments. During the Hot Topics segment of her show on Monday, Oct. 21, the Wendy Williams Show host revealed that she recently took her 19-year-old son, along with her nephew, to his first strip club, where she taught him how to “make it rain.”

“I went to the hip hop club [and] I went to the strip club,” Williams told the audience. “I taught my son and my nephew how to make it rain. Normally, that’s a father’s job, but he’s busy. I think a guy is supposed to go with his father if they want to go to a strip club.”

Revealing that her son had first asked her to take him to a strip club “three months ago,” Williams admitted that she was initially reluctant to do so, though she was "hit" by "the spirit” while in Los Angeles. During their mother-son outing, the club gave Williams, her son, and her nephew “wads of ones.”

“Kev's like just dropping them!" she recalled before revealing that she taught her son the correct technique. "I'm like, 'Girl, come back over here. Do it again.'"

Hunter certainly has plenty to keep himself busy. In March, it was reported that he had welcomed a child with his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson. Hudson, whom Hunter had reportedly been seeing for upwards of a decade, gave birth at Philadelphia’s Hahnemann University Hospital. The couple had reportedly chosen that specific location hoping that news of their child, which Williams later confirmed to be a baby girl, would not be picked up by the media.

Although Williams had remained by her husband’s side throughout past discretions in their marriage, something she reflected on in her 2001 memoir Wendy’s Got The Heat, Hudson welcoming a child with another woman was the final straw.

Infidelity is one thing, a full baby is a whole 'nother topic," she said during an early September appearance on ABC’s The View. “A baby. I'm not changing Pampers, I wanna be pampered! I learned from my mother how to make lemons into lemonade... What am I supposed to do, stay in the house and cry all day?"

In April, Williams filed for divorce from Hunter after more than 20 years of marriage. Despite the way in which their romantic relationship came to an end, Williams has confirmed that she and her ex remain friendly towards one another for the sake of their son.


“Kevin [Sr.] will always be my family no matter what. Life moves on,” she’s said. “It's not just about young Kevin [their son]. Kevin's not a bad man — big Kev, he's not a bad man. You just can't throw away 25 years and then start talking recklessly about the other person. What does that say about you? I chose him and he chose me. That's the way it is."

While Hunter is busy caring for an infant, Williams has stepped into the dating game again and has reportedly already found a man!