'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Fires Back at Troll Who Claims 'If It Wasn't for MTV' She'd Be 'Sliding Down a Pole'

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer sent a harsh reply to a fan who implied she would be working at a strip club "if it wasn't for MTV."

Messer has been a reality TV star for years, thanks to the success of Teen Mom 2. These days, fans have direct access to Messer through Instagram, and at times they fire off unseemly comments. Messer is used to dealing with these insults, as she proved on Sunday.

Messer posted a photo of her daughter in a swimsuit and goggles over the weekend. She sat in a wicker chair and smiled up at the camera with an entire hot dog stuck length-wise in her cheeks. Messer thought the picture was endearing, although a troll came out of the word-work to say otherwise.

(Photo: Instagram @leahdawn92mtv)

"The things my child comes up with," the Teen Mom 2 star wrote with a face-palm emoji and a laughing emoji.

"She should be teaching them class and education so they avoid her path. Look how far nice nails and fake hair got her. If it wasn’t for MTV, she’d be sliding down a pole. Next," one commenter wrote with a hand-clapping emoji.

"That's a good oneeeee," Messer responded with three crying-laughing emojis, "but clearly you don't know s- about me or the live I lived as a child. Bioooootch. Get off my page."

She concluded her clap-back with a blushing emoji, showing some humility in the face of her attacker. Messer gets plenty of derision from so-called "mommy-shamers," who weigh in on every aspect of her parenting online. Even on this same post, she got specific notes about her daughter's fingernails, the choking hazard of her food prank and other hyper-specific criticisms.

"Why does a child have fake nails like that?" one person wondered. "Way too young."

"So many people giving unsolicited parenting advice," added another. "Get off Instagram and go raise your children the way you see fit, and stop mom-shaming others."


Messer has responded to comments like this in the past, but more and more often, she seems to be keeping her responses to herself, feeling that it is not worth her time or energy. Still, fans love it when she takes the time to fire back at her critics.

Teen Mom 2 wrapped up its ninth season just last week. The series is available to stream through MTV, or on digital stores like Amazon Prime and iTunes.