'Sister Wives' Star Mykelti Padron Gives Birth to Twins

Kody Brown and Christine Brown are grandparents once again. The Sister Wives stars' daughter, Mykelti Padron, has welcomed twin boys with husband Tony Padron. The TLC couple welcomed sons Archer Banks and Ace McCord two minutes apart from one another on Nov. 17, with Archer weighing in at 6.15 lbs. and measuring 19 in. and Ace weighing 6.8 lbs. and also measuring 19 inches.

Mykelti and Tony are already parents to 1-year-old daughter Avalon, whose home birth was chronicled on the current season of Sister Wives, but they opted for a hospital birth for their twins. The couple confirmed they were expecting twins in June, and in October, the pregnant mom shared on Instagram that she would be induced by Thursday, Nov. 17 at the latest in order to give birth at her 38-weeks-pregnant mark.

"My twin boys are doing great. Baby A is measuring 5.13lbs Baby B is 5.7lbs which is above average for their current stage," she wrote at 35 weeks pregnant. "They also have hair and are running out of room in there. My body/pregnant belly is measuring 47 weeks!!! That's 7 weeks past a normal pregnancy. AKA I'm really uncomfortable and don't sleep well. But I have anywhere from today to three weeks left, so there's an end in sight. Then a whole new and exciting/difficult challenge starts."

Back in August, Mykelti and Tony revealed they would be having twin boys after popping blue powder off for a big reveal. "Tony and I are expecting twin BOYS on December 1st, but they're twins so really we're thinking before Thanksgiving," she wrote. "It was the last thing we both expected for both of them to be boys. We haven't figured out names but we're excited that Avalon will have two brothers to boss around."


Archer and Ace are Kody's fourth and fifth grandchildren, as the Sister Wives patriarch is also grandfather to wife Janelle Brown's daughter, Maddie Brush's, kids Axel, 5, and Evangalynn, 3. Since publicly announcing her decision to divorce Kody in November 2021, Christine has moved to Utah to be closer to Mykelti and her family as well as to create some distance between her ex and the rest of the Brown family in Arizona.