Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Fans Asking to See 'Pumpkin' Archie's Halloween Costume

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently posted a Halloween photo on Instagram, but the photo just seems to have fans asking to see their little "Pumpkin" Archie's costume. The photo the couple shared is from Halloween 2018, and does not feature little Archie, but does show the Duke and Duchess.

"Happy Halloween! 'Wishing you all a safe and fun Halloween from our family (and our little pumpkin [pumpkin emoji]) to yours!' - TRH," the post's captions reads. "This time last year The Duke and Duchess attended a special effects workshop while on their royal tour in New Zealand!"

Many have since been begging the couple to show off their costumed newborn, with one writing, "Happy Halloween, we want to see Archie in a costume."

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"Why did I think we were going to see Archie's first Halloween as the picture was loading?" another follower woefully asked.

"Happy Halloween to you three as well! But where's your costumes??" someone else chimed in, while a fourth follower wrote, "When I saw the notification I thought it was a picture of king Archie in a superman costume (cos he is amazing like that), anyways I guess this is OK too. Happy Halloween."

While many were focused on inquiring about Archie, others simply chose to send holiday wishes back to the Royal family. "Happy Halloween and especially to the "little pumpkin." I bet He looks very cute as a pumpkin," one supporter said.

"Thank you! Happy Halloween from Colorado! Enjoy Archie's first Halloween," one other Instagram user commented, with a final person adding, "A very happy first Halloween to Master Archie from all of us with love."

Markle and Harry have shared a few photos of Archie since his birth, but they are careful not to reveal too much of the young child.

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In one photo shared during their trip to Africa, the Duke and Duchess posted a photo of Archie meeting world famous clergyman Desmond Tutu.

"'Thank you Archbishop Tutu for your incredibly warm hospitality, Archie loved meeting you!' - The Duke and Duchess," read the caption of the photo featuring Tutu greeting Archie with a kiss on his forehead.


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