Pink Calls out Fan Over Criticism Regarding Husband Carey Hart's Parenting

Singer Pink called out a fan who complained about her husband Carey Hart's parenting, asking the troll if she really knew anything about her husband.

On Wednesday, Pink shared a photo of her youngest son Jameson with chocolate all over his fingers and face. "Chocolate is good for babies right? Help me Instagram, we can't possibly parent with you," she wrote sarcastically, as if baiting trolls and one took the bait.

"Sarcasm I love as I am too but with your husband being in the spotlight so often with his complete lack of regard for proper care or concern at times with your kids, this comment isn't funny, albeit Jameson is adorable," the mommy shamer wrote.

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(Photo: Instagram/CommentsByCelebs)

"I love your music, your kids are beautiful but your husband, I'm sorry, lacks the responsibility your kids need in his care. I know, hit your fave button. I'll miss your posts," the troll continued.

This elicited a long response from Pink, who asked this person if she ever met her husband or knows him at all.

"You sound well informed on the performance of my husband as a father," the "Beautiful Trauma" singer wrote. "Answer me this: how often have you spent time with my husband? How often have you watched him parent? Do you know my children? Are you aware of their development? Even better: what are your credentials in Parenting expertise? Are you a perfect parent? S– are you even a parent? A psychologist? A teacher?"

Pink called the woman's statements "bold" coming from a "social media spectator."

"You sound like a person that could learn something by looking at all of this," Pink wrote. "God bless your perfect path. I have no interest in that myself. However, do check in from time to time to let us all know what other teachings you may have for us, of percet f– stranger."

The anger from Pink came a few days after Hart was criticized for sharing a picture with Jameson sitting on a dirt bike with him, even though Jameson was wearing a helmet. Some of his followers still complained because Jameson, who turns 2 years old on Dec. 26, was not wearing eye protection.

"Nice eye protection for the kid," one troll wrote.

"Move along," Hart replied.

Hart and Pink have both lashed out at critics of their active lifestyle with their children. In August, he shared a photo of Jameson after the infant contracted hand, foot and mouth disease during Pink's Beautiful Trauma tour. Hart responded to several comments criticizing him, including one person who told him he should not take Jameson out in public. "What's your point? You think I let my kids eat off of other peoples plates?" Hart replied.


Pink also complained to members of the paparazzi who published photos of her at a beach after she had to postpone shows in Australia, insinuating she was relaxing instead of performing. In reality, the singer was resting and recovering from an illness.

Photo credit: Paul Kane/Getty Images