New Mom Chanel West Coast Opens up About Unexpected Part of Labor That 'Terrified' Her

Chanel West Coast is opening up about her birthing experience, including how she was "terrified" at one point by how it all went down. During an interview with PEOPLE, Chanel explained that baby Bowie's birth didn't go exactly as planned, as she had to deliver her child via an emergency C-section. The Ridiculousness star gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named Bowie Breeze Fenison, on Nov. 2. 

As Chanel explained, she originally thought that she would be able to deliver her baby girl naturally. However, after things went awry during the birth, she had to undergo an emergency caesarian section. She explained, "I was told my whole pregnancy I would be able to deliver normally so when I was told the baby was losing oxygen and I was going to need an emergency C-section I wasn't mentally prepared." Understandably, the ordeal left Chanel fearful, as she added, "I have terrible medical anxiety so when I realized I had to have this procedure while awake I was terrified."

Even though it was a scary situation, Chanel was relieved and overjoyed once she was finally able to hold her baby girl, whom she shares with her boyfriend, Dom Fenison. "The hardest part was holding back my tears when I heard her cry as she came out. I was scared to cry while they were stitching me back up so I stayed as still as possible and fought back my tears of joy until they were done," she said. "Then I was finally able to hold Bowie and cry my eyes out and that was the best moment of my life by far."

Elsewhere in her interview with PEOPLE, Chanel opened up about how her first few weeks of motherhood have been going. While Bowie's birth may have included a hiccup, mom life has been "great" for Chanel so far. She said, referencing her little one's middle name, "Adjusting to mom life has been a breeze for me, no pun intended." The new mom continued, "I've always loved babies and she is so stinkin' cute I can't get enough of her. The hardest part has been the lack of sleep. I'm big on getting my eight hours of beauty rest every night but that's out the window now."