Mariah Carey's Son Loses His First Tooth in Hilariously Adorable Video

#rocstarr loses his first tooth ! 🎉

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Awww, what a sweet milestone to capture! Mariah Carey's son just lost his first tooth, and the footage is too cute to be missed.

5-year-old Roc was absolutely ecstatic to be taking another step toward being a big kid and his excitement shows in the video clip Carey shared on Instagram.

"My tooth fell out and I'm so excited!" he declared in the video. "I'm so happy! I want to show my mommy so bad."

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"#rocstarr loses his first tooth ! 🎉" Carey captioned the video.

According to ET, the singer recently shared the lessons she's been teaching her kids by hiring them to work for her.

"I'm trying to instill a work ethic," she added. "I don't want them to think since they're my kids and they ... that they can just get whatever they want; do whatever they want."

We wonder if little Roc will have to put in a few hours for that Tooth Fairy money?


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