Linda Perry Reveals Wife and 'Conners' Star Sara Gilbert 'Can't Have Any More Kids'

Linda Perry and her wife, The Conners star Sara Gilbert are officially finished having children. Perry, frontwoman for the rock band 4 Non Blondes, told Us Weekly that the couple is not adding more babies to their bunch as Gilbert is unable to. Their last child was Rhodes, who was born in 2015.

"Sara can't have any more kids," the 54-year-old singer told the outlet at an event on Tuesday. "That part's done. We barely squeaked out this one."

Perry said she plans to still spend plenty of time with kids, just not always her own. "I love kids," she said. "I'm always doing panels. I'm always trying to teach kids. My artist friends are always bringing their 13 year olds to my studio, like, 'OK! Do your thing!' So it's fun. There are always kids. There's always somebody that needs you."

Gilbert, 44, has two additional kids of her own from her relationship with ex Ali Adler. Perry serves as stepmother to 12-year-old Sawyer and 15-year-old Levi.

Perry also explained how she has the whole family fired up for the holidays, something the Gilbert wasn't very festive about before. "Before me, Sarah did nothing. There was no Valentine's Day, there was no Halloween, there was no Christmas, there was jack s–t in that family before I showed up! I introduced the kids to Halloween, Christmas — it's a Jewish family but I brought Christmas in. … I'm basically pushing my traditions," she said.

The outlet also asked Perry about how they handle Santa Claus in their house. "We tell [Rhodes], 'This guy, Santa, brings one present for you,'" she said. "'But all the other presents are from the people that love you. From your brother and sister, from your Mom, from your family, but Santa brings only one of those presents.' That way, you know, it's not telling him that there's this guy that brings presents and we don't have anything to do with it."

Perry has been a big supporter of her wife since the two started dating in 2011. They were married in 2014. Earlier this year, she had high praise for Gilbert after it was announced she was leaving The Talk.


"[Gilbert] created her own way … She's got her own thing, and so she created it, so now she's blossoming, she's shining," Perry said. "I'm super happy for her because it took her a bit to get there, and now it's happening, and I couldn't be more proud."