Kim Kardashian Sets the Record Straight on North West Having a Boyfriend

Despite what Twitter thinks, North West does not have a boyfriend, with her mom, Kim Kardashian, [...]

Despite what Twitter thinks, North West does not have a boyfriend, with her mom, Kim Kardashian, putting those rumors to rest on Sunday night.

Paparazzi caught Kardashian leaving the Hollywood Beauty Awards, with one asking, "Is it too soon for North West to have a boyfriend?"

TMZ reports that the reality star stopped in her tracks before responding, "She doesn't have a boyfriend. Like, is this for real? She's five."

Rumors regarding North had started last week after rapper Consequence's 7-year-old son Caiden Mills' parent-run Instagram account began filling up with photos which referred to North, 5, as Caiden's "boo."

Earlier this month, North and Caiden posed together for a photo in which Caiden, sporting some dragon face paint, had his arm around North, who was clutching a stuffed unicorn. The caption read "Boo'd Up," which was probably a reference to the Ella Mai song of the same name but also seemed to indicate that the two elementary school-aged children were also boo'd up.

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(Photo: Instagram / @caiden817)

On Valentine's Day, Caiden's account posted a photo of the 7-year-old holding a Tiffany's bag and a box of chocolates, with the caption reading, "Love Is In The Air." An earlier post also showed Caiden with the little blue bag, with that post indicating that whatever was inside was for North.

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(Photo: Instagram / @caiden817)

"Shout out to Northie, Babygirl I'll see you soon," the caption read. A previous photo had revealed that the Tiffany's bag was hiding a heart-shaped necklace, thanks to a photo of Caiden admiring his purchase.

"She's gonna love it. Wrap that up sir, I'll take it," he wrote.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, Caiden, North, and North's 3-year-old brother, Saint, went on a playdate, with Caiden's account sharing a photo of the three kids from the day in which North can be seen wearing the necklace Caiden was snapped holding.

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(Photo: Instagram / @caiden817)

"North, Saint and I had the BEST time on our play date at @exploratorium It was so much FUN," the caption shared.

Naturally, Twitter was uncomfortable with the whole situation, namely the fact that Caiden's parents are likely the ones writing said captions.

"I keep saying that these parents who open IG accounts for their kids and writing captions in the child's voice have a serious mental & personality disorder," one person tweeted. "Wtf is this?"

Consequence is a close friend of the West family and has collaborated on music with Kanye West in the past. As a result, Caiden has appeared at his fair share of Kardashian family events, including the recent birthday party Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott held for their daughter, Stormi.

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