Kate Upton Sparks Debate After Drinking Wine While Nursing

Kate Upton gave birth to her first child, daughter Genevieve, in November, and the model has since been enjoying her new status as a mom, sharing updates with fans on social media.

Her latest photo, however, sparked a bit of controversy with mommy shamers taking issue with Upton after she posted a shot of herself drinking wine while nursing her daughter.

"Both nursin," she wrote along with wine and baby bottle emojis.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kateupton)

Shamers instantly jumped into the 26-year-old's comments, criticizing her for drinking alcohol while nursing her baby.

"Seriously, drinking and nursing?!" one person wrote. "In what universe is this a good idea."

"Drinking alcohol and nursing......pretty stupid!" snarled a third troll. "But what else do I expect from you."

Others wondered whether Upton had posted the photo specifically to cause a conversation.

"I like Kate but I feel like this was posted on purpose," one person wrote. "To get attention. She knew this would cause controversy."

"This is clearly posted for controversy and press," another chimed in. "Even picked a slow news day for it. Well done! Way to manipulate the pr."

Still, Upton had plenty of supporters.

"So many people are going to freak out over this pic!" one fan correctly guessed. "Awesome you can relax and take time for yourself. Very important."

"Love this so so much!" added another. "I do this often with a beer though. Gotta find your groove with being a momma and your own person! Congrats on grooving and Merry Christmas!"

"Chilled out Mama is good Mama," a third wrote.

Upton and her husband, MLB player Justin Verlander, welcomed baby Genevieve just around one year after their November 2017 wedding.

On Dec. 5, Upton used Instagram to give fans a peek at her first month of motherhood, sharing a photo of a selection of black-and-white polaroids of herself and Verlander with their daughter.

"What an amazing month with our sweet Genevieve," Upton wrote.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kateupton)

The new mom also shared a close-up photo of her husband cradling their baby girl, reposting a shot Verlander had originally shared on his own Instagram account.

The black-and-white photo finds the MLB player holding his daughter in his arms and tenderly gazing down at her, with Verlander writing, "Didn't win #cyyoungaward, but I can't be too upset when I have this little girl waiting for her daddy off camera!"


When Upton posted the photo on her page, she added, "Daddy daughter snuggles beat everything."

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(Photo: Instagram / @justinverlander)

Photo Credit: Getty / Jerritt Clark