Channing Tatum's Girlfriend Jessie J Has Not Given up on Motherhood Despite Infertility Diagnosis

Jessie J recently got candid about her infertility issues, but she has now revealed that she has not given up her hopes of starting a family.

The "Bang Bang" singer, who is dating actor Channing Tatum, opened up in a series of notes posted to her Instagram story. In the text, she tells fans that she is grateful for their support and she is making changes to her everyday life to hopefully make conceiving a child easier.

“After explaining the meaning of my song ‘Four Letter Word’ on stage during this tour, the love and support I have received have been overwhelming. Thank you,” the pop star wrote. “I was told 4 years ago I won’t be able to have children. I was also told I would need a hysterectomy immediately and to be put on medication. I refused the hysterectomy and I’m off all medication through natural medicine and diet change."

She continued, "I haven’t given up hope. I am doing all I can to make it happen the best way my body will allow.”

Jessie J, who is also known for her songs "Price Tag" and "Domino," also expressed how freeing it felt to be open about her private struggle with infertility. She is proud to stand amongst the other women who also deal with this same issue.

"Millions of women go through a tough and emotional journey to motherhood," she wrote. “It’s taken me a long time to be open. It’s it’s my truth. And when I put it in my music it’s out there. My journey is just one in millions that exist. I stand with you ladies. Strong in our emotional pain. To turn it into joy.”

Jessie J revealed the news to her fans during a performance at Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday. Before she performed "Four Letter Word," she dished on the song's inspiration and how she hoped it helped other going through something similar.

"I don't tell you guys for sympathy," she said onstage. "I'm one of millions of women, and of men, that have gone through this and will go through this, and it can't become something that defines us," she continued. "But, I wanted to write this song for myself in my moment of pain and of sadness. But, also to give myself joy and give other people something that they can listen to in that moment when it gets really hard."

Tatum was in attendance for the landmark performance and applauded his partner for her willingness to bare her soul to the crowd.


"This woman just poured her heart out on stage at the Royal Albert Hall," Tatum wrote on social media. "Whoever was there got to witness something special. Wow."

Photo Credit: Redferns / Gus Stewart