The 4 Food Rules That Totally Transformed Jessica Alba's Figure

We've been admiring Jessica Alba's figure for years now, but never knew that she has struggled to stay fit in the past. But according to her health and wellness consultant Kelly LeVeque, even the great (and newly pregnant!) Jessica Alba has her off days — that's why, when LeVeque introduced Alba to her revolutionary approach to diet and exercise, the results were immediate. (We're talking total-game-changer-in-just-weeks immediate — 11 inches in six weeks.)

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What's so special about LeVeque's methods? At the surface level, the "diet" that led Alba to shed inches isn't really a diet at all — it's more of a shift in mindset. "With lifestyle diets, people start to feel guilty when eating off-plan," LeVeque told Women's Health. But with LeVeque's strategy, foods aren't valorized or forbidden: "For me, if you don't like kale, that's fine," she says.

The accessible, easygoing attitude doesn't stop there: LeVeque also encourages her clients to focus on accepting and loving where they are every step of the way — a refreshing departure from diet coaches who fuel our already-unhealthy obsession surrounding where we "should" be.

"Let's love our figure and frame where we are now and not lose another day body shaming," LeVeque says.

In terms of what to eat, this translates to eating with joy, choosing items that are delicious and beneficial for the body, and allowing yourself to be excited about food. "Life's focus shouldn't be food. It should be about friends, family and what makes you happy," LeVeque advises.

Sounds great, but what does life on this non-diet diet really look like? LeVeque's guiding principles include things you may already be doing, but stepped up a notch. First, she advises that clients like Jessica Alba start their day with a high-protein smoothie. The purpose of this is two-fold: to start the day on a positive, fueled note, and to kick cravings to the curb between breakfast and lunchtime. This allows you to be mindful about what you're putting into your body for the rest of the day — and it's a great defense against hitting the drive-thru in a moment of hunger-fueled panic.

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The second food-related tip is to follow what LeVeque calls "the fab four": think of it as a distilled (and improved!) version of the food pyramid you remember from growing up. The four food groups you need at every meal are healthy fats, protein, fiber, and greens. Within these guidelines, the options are endless... and fewer limitations mean you're more likely to stick with this "diet".


For easy lunches that follow the fab four guides, we love grain bowls and zoodle-based recipes — not only are they easy, but they'll help you master all the (necessary!) elements.

Looking to emulate Jessica Alba's results? Try LeVeque's approach for yourself and let us know how it goes!