Jason Momoa Reportedly Cried 'In Front of a Bunch of Children' While Seeing 'The Lion King' With Daughter Lola

Jason Momoa is an emotional guy, and he makes no secret about it. The actor saw The Lion King with his family recently, and he had a strong reaction. In a new Instagram post, he thanked Disney for "making me cry numerous times in front of a bunch of children."

Momoa is known for playing fierce warriors and arrogant heroes, like Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones or Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe. In real life, however, he as sensitive as they come, and he is a sucker for a good story.

On Sunday, Momoa shared photos on Instagram from his family's recent private screening of The Lion King. He and his wife, Lisa Bonet, reportedly arranged the special occasion in honor of their daughter Lola's 12th birthday. They brought along their son, Nakoa-Wolf as well, but it was Momoa who was profoundly struck by the film.

(Photo: Instagram @prideofgypsies)

"Big mahalos to [Disney] for letting us have a party for our Lola Bear," he wrote. "[The Lion King] was amazing congrats to everyone who made this film it was heart soul tears epic Thanks for making me cry numerous times in front of a bunch of children."

The post included a group shot of the family at Disney Studios, and one candid from inside the lavish theater. There were also pictures of Momoa gripping each of his children in a loving bear hug in turn.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVEE," Momoa added elsewhere in the post. "I'm so thankful to be home with my ohana."

He ended the post with: "aloha da momoaz."

Momoa, Bonet and their kids are one of the most beloved Hollywood families on social media these days. The two happy parents got together in 2005, and they welcomed Lola in 2007, then Nakoa-Wolf in 2008. Bonet was previously married to Lenny Kravitz in the late 1980s, and so her daughter Zoe Kravitz, 30, is actually closer in age to Momoa, 39, than Bonet is at 51.


It has been a huge couple of months for Momoa, who broke out as a superhero star first in Justice League and then in a stand-alone Aquaman movie back in December. If that weren't enough, he also shared in the success of Game of Thrones this spring, despite having left the show in its first season. Momoa is one of the best-remembered cast members from the series, and has remained close with many of his co-stars. He even took a bow on stage with them at the red carpet premiere back in April.

Momoa and Bonet have just returned from Paris, where they celebrated Kravitz's wedding to Karl Glusman. Now, it sounds like Momoa is eager to get some quality time with his family.