'Duck Dynasty' Alum Sadie Robertson Welcomes Second Child

The Duck Dynasty lives on! Sadie Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed their second child earlier this week. Robertson, 25, shared the exciting news on Thursday, alongside a slideshow of moments from the big day. Their daughter Haven was born on Monday, May 22. Huff and Robertson are also parents to daughter Honey, 1, and married in 2019.

"Haven has brought a touch of heaven," the former Duck Dynasty star captioned her photo gallery, adding that Haven was born at 8:30 a.m. on May 22. "Peep the time on our phone [on] slide two and the sheer joy on my face! Christian and I could not be happier and more grateful. Soaking in every single moment," Robertson wrote. Huff also commented on the post, simply writing, "The sweetest," alongside two hearts.

Huff shared even more photos on his own Instagram post. One of his pictures showed him looking at Haven with a big smile. "Surreal seeing a little miracle up so close... blown away by God. Love you so much, Haven. some of the sweetest moments ever," he wrote.

Robertson and Huff announced they were expecting their second child in November 2022. She shared a family photo, with herself holding ultrasound images with Huff and Honey by her side. "Another little miracle is in motion," she wrote. Robertson continued sharing updates throughout her pregnancy, including a fun black-and-white gallery of the family just a day before Haven was born.

In December, Robertson told Entertainment Tonight she was really excited about Honey having a sister. "I am so excited, because, I mean, if anybody follows me, everybody knows I love sisterhood," she said. "My whole thing is like, hello, sister, sister and friends, sister, sister, sister, sister, and so the fact that I get to have little sisters in our home is so exciting."

As for naming her daughter, Robertson said the couple wanted another name inspired by the Bible, but still unique. "It was kind of hard naming a daughter Honey and then following up the next daughter because Honey is such a unique and special name, but it was really cool," Robertson explained. "I was on a plane one day and I said, 'God, you know I love Honey's name. It's so sweet and so personal and I just want our next baby to have a name that's just as sweet.' Literally, as I'm sitting there praying on the plane, it's like a name dropped in my heart and we have stuck with it since that moment. Christian loved it."