Ciara and Russell Wilson Pull off Ultimate Christmas Surprise for Their Kids

Ciara and Russell Wilson pulled off the ultimate Christmas surprise for their kids this year, and they took to Instagram to share it with their followers. On Christmas morning, the couple's children awoke to Santa and Mrs. Claus personally delivering them gifts. The holiday festivities were fully documented in a video clip that Ciara shared to social media, showing the joy and excitement in her children's faces when they saw The Kringles has come by to visit them.

"Love, Joy, and Laughter is all we need," the singer wrote in her post. "Merry Christmas from our family to yours!" She then tagged Wilson, and added, "Love The Wilsons." Fans, friends, and followers have been commenting on the post, with one person writing, "You posted this 5 minutes ago and I've watched it 3 times!!! Love it! Merry Christmas Wilson Family." Someone else added, "So nice to see how excited they are. They have so much, and yet, are so grateful for basic gifts. Merry Christmas!" Finally, the Santa Claus actor who visited the Wilsons commented as well, writing, "Thank you for having Mrs Claus and I over it was an awesome evening. Love your kids. Great time. Hope your Christmas was magical."

Earlier this year, Ciara sat down for an interview with Self and talked about what parenting through the Covid pandemic has been like for her and Wilson. "I don't even know if you can call it organized chaos, but it is to some degree. Sometimes not even the most organized, to be honest," she said. "But I'm enjoying it all. I found my way to embrace it all. I just decided, Hey, this is a unique time. It is a challenging time. And the world is changing. But rather than letting the world change me, I'm going to figure out how to change with it. That's been my mentality. How do I adjust? How do I really work and find the silver lining in the midst of it all?"


"In the beginning, for us, it was really trying to wrap our heads around it," the Grammy winner later added. "Just trying to understand all of it, trying to figure out how to balance life with the school and the Zoom sessions." She continued, "It was just not being able to do things to really, truly free your mind. That was just, by far, the greatest challenge of it all because it was like these four walls. What do I do? Thank God, with Russ and I, we held on up. We did alright. We still have the same level of love for each other. If anything, it makes you have even more because you literally are going in circles, the same thing over and over, but figuring it out."