Channing Tatum Unveils Rare Photo of Daughter Everly After Taking Her to 'Frozen' Musical

Channing Tatum took a little trip to Arendelle recently with his daughter Everly. The Step Up actor attended a performance of the stage musical version of Frozen recently and showed off photos from his daddy-daughter date at the theatre. And he also managed to share a rare photo of his little one in the process.

Tatum posted a few photos from inside the theater, including a couple of his daughter wearing a Queen Elsa get-up (complete with those classic braids) and a few other snaps of her matching Elsa doll. Although, it should be noted he didn't show off his child's face in the photos as he and his ex Jenna Dewan maintain Everly's privacy by not showing her face on social media.

"Ok frozen the musical = seriously magical," Tatum wrote on Twitter alongside the photos. "The entire cast is so talented it's kind of unreal. I have no words."

It's no surprise that Tatum and his daughter had a blast at the show, as it seems like both Tatums have a fondness for Frozen. Like his daughter, the actor has actually donned his very own Elsa get-up in the past.

In 2016, during an episode of Lip Sync Battle with Dewan, Tatum went all-out for a performance of "Let It Go." (Dewan, in turn, did a little Magic Mike homage during the episode.) More specifically, he wore a wig resembling Elsa's braided locks along with her lengthy blue dress as he twirled around and mouthed the words to the now-famous track.

Tatum's performance didn't just catch the attention of viewers and fans everywhere, it also caught the attention of Elsa herself, Idina Menzel. When the show was originally set to air, Menzel wrote on Twitter that she would have to DVR the program, as she had a show that night. She then went on to tag Tatum directly in her tweet.

"No pressure," he responded, knowing that the OG Elsa would be viewing his lip-synced rendition of "Let It Go."


The actor didn't have anything to worry about, as Menzel soon responded to say that she loved his Frozen-themed performance.

"I got chills!" she wrote. "And not because I'm an ice queen. You made me proud."