Candace Cameron Bure's Daughter to Play Younger Version of Her in New Movie

Candace Cameron Bure's daughter Natasha Bure is following in her footsteps. According to PEOPLE, Natasha is set to play a younger version of her mother in an upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film. Both Candace and Natasha will star in Aurora Teagarden: Haunted By Murder.

On Instagram, Candace posted a teaser of the movie, which will premiere on Sunday. In the clip, Candace and co-star Lexa Doig describe how the latest Aurora Teagarden film serves as a bit of an origin story for the character. Natasha also spoke about how "thrilling" it is to be a part of the movie because of the special connection with her mother. Candace adds, "I think it's gonna be really interesting for the audience to see Aurora and Sally as teenagers and when all of it started."

Alongside the teaser, which depicts Natasha as a young Aurora Teagarden, the Fuller House star wrote that she's incredibly proud of her daughter. Candace captioned the clip by writing how fans can expect a "good flashback" that will offer up a bit of a backstory on how Aurora got into solving mysteries. She also shared her excitement over the fact that both she and Doig have their daughters playing the respective younger versions of their characters. The actor included a few hashtags alongside her caption including "#proudmama."

Candace's daughter is no stranger to the spotlight. PEOPLE noted that she most recently starred in Lifetime's Don't Sweat the Small Stuff alongside Heather Locklear. She also previously showed off her vocal chops on The Voice in 2016. While she didn't win the competition, she did earn herself a spot on coach Adam Levine's team. Even though her time on the show was a bit short-lived, Natasha reflected on her tenure on the NBC series while on Olivia Jade Giannulli's podcast Conversations with Olivia Jade. She explained that her mother advised her to take opportunities that might "scare" her and when she was presented with the opportunity to go on The Voice when she was in high school, she decided to heed that very advice. 

"I did it and I had the worst nerves of my life," Natasha recalled. "Both performances I sobbed my eyes out 10 minutes before I went on. It was so out of my comfort zone — not the music part, but to be judged in that capacity. It really terrified me to know everyone is going to watch this." She added that while it wasn't the easiest thing to do, it was "a good growing experience."