Meghan Markle Catching Backlash for 'Copying' Kylie Jenner's Mother's Day Baby Feet Post

Fans are accusing Meghan Markle of "copying" Kylie Jenner's Instagram style with her close-up baby photos this month.

Moms everywhere were honored this Mother's Day, and many marked the occasion on social media. However, when Meghan Markle joined in and posted a photo of her new son's feet on Instagram, some accused her of stealing the idea for the image from one of Instagram's most famous users: Kylie Jenner.

The idea may have started with comedian Gary Janetti, who has been making lots of jokes about the Royal family on Instagram recently. In one post, Janetti put a screen shot of Markle's Mother's Day picture next to Jenner's baby announcement post from last month. Both show baby close-ups with the eyes and faces of obscured. While the images were not exactly alike, some felt they bore a stylistic similarity.

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Janetti often uses photos of Prince George as reaction memes for his royal posts, and this case was no different. He included a picture of the young royal pursing his lips and staring through his lashes, adding: "Meghan..." underneath.

While some thought Janetti was reaching for the comparison, many commenters noted similarities between the posts. Some even went so far as to say that Markle is "obsessed with celebrity," regardless of these particular posts.

"Even the same nail polish?! I thought both pictures are of the same baby!" one person wrote.

"Exactly the Kardashian effect!" another commenter added.

Other users referred to Markle as a "Meghandashian," and called her a "copycat" for the Mother's Day post. However, it is a reach to assume that Markle even operates the Instagram account herself. In truth, the Sussex Royal account mostly documents royal events and engagements. Some of them are even things that Markle couldn't possibly have been at, especially during her pregnancy.

Markle gave birth to her first son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, on May 6. The baby is now seventh in line for the British throne, and may be named a royal officially sometime soon.


Unlike Kate Middleton, Markle opted to keep her childbirth as private as possible. She and Prince Harry welcomed Archie in Portland Hospital in London, with no press or photographers in attendance. They reportedly hope that he will grow up as more of a private citizen than a royal official.

Archie is the first half-American baby to join the royal family. He is also the first biracial royal in many years — perhaps ever. The infant has dual-citizenship in the U.S. and the U.K.