Jessica Simpson Heads off Mom Shamers With 'Adult Supervision' Photo

Another day, another celebrity going the extra mile to avoid mom-shaming.

On Monday, it was Jessica Simpson, who shared a photo of her son, Ace, standing in front of a roaring fire and roasting s'mores.

"After school s'mores," Simpson captioned the moment, adding the hashtags #AdultSupervision and #ACEKNUTE.

jessica simpson ace
(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

Ace is four years old, so it seems Simpson had a hunch there might be concerned comments wondering why she let her child so close to a fire without an adult monitoring his every move. Despite the caption, it's clear Simpson was by her son's side since she actually took a photo of the moment, but in the age of mom-shaming, it seems it's best to be on the safe side.

Several fans commented on Simpson's hashtag, with some finding it funny and others finding it sad that she even had to post it at all.

"I hate that you have to hashtag adult supervision," one user wrote. "Everyone (or at least many) know you are a wonderful parent. I wish all of the parent critics would keep their opinions to themselves unless it was positive/useful critical or suggestions."

"It's so funny that u have to say adult supervision because people are crazy and will nag u about it," commented another.

"Sad u have to put adult supervision as if we didn’t know u were smart enough!" added a third. "This world! Ur an amazing mother!!"

While s'mores are certainly an after-school snack upgrade than cheese and crackers, Ace no doubt deserved the sweet treat. Simpson recently shared a snap of her son gearing up for his first baseball practice, posting a photo of the 4-year-old with a huge smile on his face.

ace knute
(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

Simpson has found herself the target of mom-shaming numerous times, recently when she let 5-year-old daughter Maxwell wear makeup and seemingly dye her hair.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jessicasimpson