Kourtney Kardashian Bans Scott Disick From Seeing Their Children

(Photo: Twitter / @YahooPeopleFR)

In the wake of Scott Disick being spotted all over Cannes with multiple different women in various states of undress, Kourtney Kardashian has vowed that he will no longer be able to see the three children they share until he gets his act together.

A source close to the former couple told TMZ that his promiscuous behavior in France is a result of him getting heavy into drugs and alcohol. Kardashian has confronted Disick about visiting their kids and said he must be clean and sober, which he reportedly refuses to do.

This isn't the first time the mother of three has gone to extreme lengths to keep Disick away from their family. She previously banned him from getting past security at her home back in 2015.

The source also revealed to TMZ that his friends have attempted to intervene in the situation, even enlisting Kardashian to confront Disick, but none of it has seemed to get through to him.

Last week, Kardashian was spotted getting cozy with her new man, Younes Bendjima, which caused Disick to quickly book a flight to Cannes with 19-year-old Bella Thorne in tow.

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Kardashian isn't the only one concerned with his behavior in Cannes, as Thorne cut her trip short while reportedly feeling "used" by Disick.

34-year-old Disick has been seen around Los Angeles with Thorne on multiple occasions, with reports that the two were developing a relationship. When the pair was spotted at the airport together, it seemed to cement the rumors about the two being more than just friends.

Unfortunately for Thorne, however, she might have had a different interpretation of her relationship with Disick than he had, as her first solo outing in Cannes was followed by Disick being spotted with multiple bikini-clad women, including an ex-girlfriend.

Shortly after these sightings, Thorne took to social media to vent her frustrations about the exotic locale, saying that spending time in Cannes wasn't for her.

An insider revealed to E! News that Disick's intentions of bringing Thorne to Cannes and also flirting with women out in the open "is 100 percent to piss Kourtney off," adding, "It's immature, but that's Scott."

Despite photos giving the impression that Disick was interested in UK blogger Maggie Petrova, she revealed, "There is nothing going on with me and Scott, just friendship."

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