Who Is Alba Baptista? Meet Chris Evans' Girlfriend

Chris Evans has finally opened up about his relationship with actress Alba Baptista, so fans are hurrying to get to know her. Baptista is a star on the rise in her own right, although some may not have heard of her since she and Evans made their relationship "Instagram official" in the fall of 2022. Here's a quick intro to the actress and her work.

Evans and Baptista have reportedly been dating since sometime in mid-2021, although they avoided the public eye for just over a year of that time. Finally, in November Evans posted about Baptista on Instagram and confirmed that they are together. Around that time, a source close to them also confirmed their romance to Entertainment Tonight. They said that Evans and Baptista are very in love and their relationship is serious. Chris has never been happier. His family and friends all adore Alba."

Baptista is best known for starring in the Netflix original series Warrior Nun. She is currently one of the most prominent actors in Portugal, and has increasingly found work on the international stage. Other notable roles include Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Patrick and The Child. Baptista is 25 years old – a notable age difference from Evans, who is 41 years old at the time of this writing. Baptista was born in Lisbon, Portugal but her father is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Baptista began her acting career at age 16 in a short film called Miami, and has been on a steady rise since then.

Her youth and her early start in the industry mean that Baptista does not have the kind of personal social media footprint that fans have come to expect from other big stars. Her earliest social media posts are promotions for her early films, so her personality remains a bit of a mystery for those interested in Evans' personal life.

However, Baptista has done a few major magazine profiles and interviews. Those conversations have revealed her intelligence and worldliness. In addition to her native Portuguese, she is fluent in four more languages – English, Spanish, French and German. She is also well-traveled and has participated in humanitarian work around the world.

Baptista has visited Amsterdam, Brazil, Cuba, Indonesia, Myanmar, Spain and Vietnam for leisure, judging by her social media posts about them. In 2017, she also participated in a humanitarian effort in Cambodia. Among other things, she helped teach English as a second language during that trip.

For more on Baptista's personality and preferences, there is a rapid-fire interview with IMDb from August 2020. There, she answered questions about her dream projects and her own media consumption habits. She said that she dreamed of working with Julianne More – "because she's so timeless – and Joaquin Phoenix – "because I feel like he would teach me a lot and I would grow as an actress." She also said that she related to Juno growing up, and that if she could live out one movie character's story in real life, it would be The Little Mermaid. She also said that if Warrior Nun were to crossover with another Netflix original series, she would want it to be either Stranger Things or Dark.

While fans hold onto these tidbits, many are hoping to learn more about Baptista and her relationship with Evans soon. So far, she and Evans are both still keeping their private lives to themselves as much as possible.