Victoria and David Beckham Share Joyous Family Photos After Celebrating Wedding Anniversary

Victoria and David Beckham have shared some joyous family photos after celebrating their wedding anniversary. In an Instagram post, Victoria shared a number of pictures of her family all dressed up. She captioned the post, "Last night in London celebrating our 24 year wedding anniversary. Love you all so much," then tagged her husband and kids in the post. 

The Beckhams have been married since 1999, and share four children together: sons Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David, and daughter Harper Seven. In a past interview with Elle, Beckham opened up about her home life and shared some insight into her and David's parenting style. When asked if she feels that she can be "hard" on her kids, Beckham replied, "I wouldn't say I'm hard. I like to do what I can to instill a good work ethic, and we show the kids that life is about working hard – David and I both work extremely hard. But kids are kids." She later commented on the difficulty of getting them to do their homework by joking, "Very few children want to do their homework!"

Victoria then went on to say, "I think it's important that they try their best. But, especially in London, there's a lot of pressure on children academically, being tutored and fighting for school places. There is an upside to that, of course, but you can also put a child off learning. I don't know if I'm doing it right, but for me it's about empowering and supporting the kids."

She also spoke candidly about what it's like watching her children grow up, saying, "It is great because we spend a lot of time with the children as individuals. We are lucky – we can only do that because we have help. So, Romeo loves his tennis – that is all he wants to do, Brooklyn has his photography, Cruz has his music, and Harper loves ballet and also chess, which she plays at school."

"We are in a position where we can afford for them to try different things and figure out what their passions are," Beckham also said. "It is difficult for most families to do that. If I were taking Romeo to tennis and Harper to ballet, it would be very difficult."