Brooklyn Beckham Gets Massive Tattoo Portrait of Wife Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham got a new tattoo in honor of his wife, Nicola Peltz after they wed in April. In an exclusive interview with E!'s The Rundown on Feb. 21, the 23-year-old showed off the large black tattoo of Nicola looking over her shoulder on his upper arm. Brooklyn has numerous tattoos dedicated to Nicola on his body. Concerning when he started getting these tattoos, Brooklyn said he acquired them early on in their relationship. "It was pretty soon after we started dating," he recalled, "and I am half covered with stuff for her. I have like over 20 dedicated to her." Although over 20 might seem excessive to some, he explained, "They're very addictive, especially when you love someone you just want to cover everywhere." According to Brooklyn, he has more than 100 tattoos, including the word "married" on the side of his hand and his wedding vows on his arm, along with his middle name, Joseph.

He said when he surprises his wife with new body art, "She always cries when I get her another tattoo, I always love to surprise her with new ink!" Brooklyn has made many romantic gestures to Nicola, but his top priority is to make her happy. "I think once you find that person that you just can't live without, I think it's so like easy," he said. "I love her more than anything. I always try to make her happy. That's all I do." As Brooklyn learned from his own father, David Beckham, who is married to Brooklyn's mother, Victoria Beckham, he should always strive to please his wife. "My dad always said just do everything to make her happy and don't lie to her," Brooklyn noted. "It's actually true: Happy wife, happy life." Regarding having children, Brooklyn anticipates starting a family. "I can't wait to have kids," Brooklyn stated, saying of Nicola, "I could have so many but it's, obviously, totally up to her."

In December 2022, Brooklyn told Interview magazine he was worried his wife wouldn't want to marry him. "I was a little bit nervous. Actually, I was very nervous. Right before, I was like, 'Oh my god, what if she doesn't walk down?!' So I was on my guard: 'I'm marrying my best friend, what if she doesn't want to?' "But I walked down and as soon as she came out, I bursted out crying. It was an amazing day. Marrying your best friend is the best thing you can do." He added, "Find the person that makes you a better person and wife them up. Finding the right person changes your life and makes it 100 times better." Brooklyn also revealed that he does not take other people's judgments too seriously. "Honestly, me and my wife take pictures all the time, he said. But I don't really mind what I look like, to be honest. Yeah, I don't really mind. "I love taking pictures of me, my wife, my friends, my family, her family. So I'm not really bothered about that, actually."