'Teen Mom': Why Cheyenne Floyd Hasn't Changed Her Last Name After Marrying Zach Davis

Cheyenne Floyd has come a long way since fans first met her on Are You The One? and The Challenge. After having her daughter Ryder, Floyd discovered that her co-star Cory Wharton. He immediately stepped up to be an involved father, but their romantic relationship never transpired into what Floyd wanted, despite her multiple attempts. Their ups and downs have been chronicled on Teen Mom. She eventually moved on and found love in Zach Davis, and the two welcomed their first child together, a son named Ace. They got engaged in 2021 and wed a year later. But there's one thing keeping them from being official: legally changing her last name. 

"She is still a Floyd you guys," Davis told fans in a new YouTube video. "I'm still technically a Floyd," she added, before her husband chimed in her defense, "But, I just went and got the marriage certificate, so we can get started on [changing it]."  Floyd added, "And I've been using Davis," she assured fans.

"She picked a spot in Santa Ana, and we're far from there so it's kind of a commute, but I filed it anyway." Floyd agrees, noting, "It was the traveling. It was really the traveling and not feeling safe to change it for my passport back in time for the trips we had planned. Now that we're kind of settled for a second, I can go through the process of changing it officially. But I have been going by Davis for things."

Their engagement came during Floyd'd baby shower. But their relationship journey was not an easy one. They dated on and off for several years before reconciling a final time in 2020. Planning the wedding also proved to be a task, but Floyd told PEOPLE during the planning that her kids kept her excited.

"I'm secretly freaking out," she said at the time. "I feel like every day I look at the calendar and I'm like, 'OK it's getting closer,' and then I look at my checklist and it's not getting shorter so things aren't adding up right now."

She added: "The kids, of course, are playing a role throughout the whole wedding. We truly wanted our wedding to be a reflection of our relationship and our love story, which has been untraditional, broken a couple of rules along the way, and we want to show that in our wedding. I'm excited."