How Steve Harvey Really Feels About Michael B. Jordan Dating His Daughter Lori

If it's one person who approves of Lori Harvey's relationship with Creed star Michael B. Jordan, it's her stepfather Steve Harvey. Lori has dated several high-profile bachelors before, including rapper Future, and has been linked to Diddy and his son Justin Combs. But it wasn't until she became boo'd up with Jordan that the Celebrity Family Feud host gave his nod of approval.

"I've talked with him, Marjorie knows his mom, they talk. This guy is not a representative. He is genuinely who he looks like he is," Steve told Entertainment Tonight. "And he's — I mean, like, it threw me off at first, because he was so kind. You know, I figure, 'OK, this is the game right?' But it wasn't, man, this dude was sincere and he's proven to be a really, really good, good guy. I'm pulling for him, you know, for them."

Steve says he understands the magnifying glass Lori and Jordan are under. But, he says they are handling the pressure well. "I mean, look man, being in a relationship in Hollywood is hard. It's really, really hard, there are so many traps and pitfalls in it," he explained. "Especially the younger you are. It's hard if you old. But when you young, it's really, really tough, but they're doing well."

Lori shares similar sentiments as her famous dad. During her appearance on the FOX daytime talk show The Real, she couldn't refrain from gushing over her beau. "He listens to me and the things that I say that I want and he really makes an effort," she told the hosts. "We just really balance each other. I really do believe in the statement when they say, 'When you know you know.' And I think that really applies to our situation and we just have a really good time together."


The two made their love Instagram official in January. Jordan is typically hush-hush about his love life, but says he's in love with Lori. "I'm still private, and I want to protect that, but it just felt like it was a moment of just wanting to put it out there and move on," he told People magazine. "I am extremely happy."