Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Hold Hands After Coachella Kiss Rekindles Romance Rumors

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello seem to be back on the road to romance after their kiss at Coachella this weekend. Many were surprised to see the smooch and quickly picked up on rumors that Mendes and Cabello have been back together.

According to PEOPLE, Mendes and Cabello were spotted out strolling the streets of Venice, California on Wednesday, shared by Australian journalist Jessica Rendall. "Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello (!!!) CONFIRMED back together," they wrote over the clip on their Instagram Story. She later spoke with PEOPLE about the moment.

"It was so wild. I was on my phone and when I looked up they were walking towards me, hand in hand," Rendall told PEOPLE. "I must've had a very shocked look on my face because Shawn gave me a knowing smirk as they walked past...They were very deep in conversation but seemed super comfortable and happy together."

According to The Daily Mail rumor mill, Mendes and Cabello didn't just reconnect at Coachella. The couple has actually been together for weeks. Citing an unnamed source, Mendes and Cabello have been spending time together, alone and with friends.

"Having played the field for two years now, they both know now how special what they had was," the source alleged. "Not to mention that their sexual chemistry is off the hook. Camila turns Shawn on like no other woman. She always has."

They had better be in love at this rate given the level of schmaltz in that quote. Or at least reveal the source is the local veteran trash collector. Still, the source said the couple never truly broke off contact since their breakup.

"So here is the thing. They never really stopped talking since their breakup," the source reports. "Because they share a dog together, which Camila takes care of, they have been in communication. Any one who has gone through a breakup with pets understands this."

Leave it to the power of pets to keep our famous relationships alive. The couple reportedly only broke it off because they were going a little hot and heavy "too fast." There is also the pandemic, which has been devastating to the world's supply of celebrity relationships.