Robert F. Kennedy's Namesake Grandson Marries Former CIA Officer

Robert F. Kennedy III had a reportedly lavish wedding on Saturday, where he said his vows to former CIA officer Amaryllis Fox.

The young grandson of Bobby Kennedy has been dating Fox for about a year, according to a report by PEOPLE. The two tied the knot in front of the whole Kennedy brood at the iconic family compound in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The event was captured on various family members' Instagram accounts.

(Photo: Instagram / @kerrykennedyrfk)

Robert Kennedy III kept things colorful in a floral blue and green tuxedo jacket, complete with long coat tails. Next to him, his bride looked slightly more conventional in an off-the-shoulder white gown embroidered with floral patterns. She wore a circlet adorned with starfish on her head.

(Photo: Instagram @kerrykennedyrfk)

"My son, Bobby, and his wedding party in Hyannis Port," wrote Robert Kennedy Jr. on Instagram. His picture showed a more casual group shot of the wedding party. "Congratulations Bobby and Amaryllis!"

(Photo: Instagram / @robertfkennedyjr)

Fox was quick to earn the famous family's approval, according to an interview with Kennedy Jr. in Town & Country back in June.

"Everybody is excited," he said at the time. "We love her."

Fox has a long background in intelligence, but she has branched out since her time at the CIA. According to her Twitter bio, she now works as a writer and a peace activist, describer herself as an "Advocate of compassionate engagement and strategic nonviolence at home and overseas."

She shared more about her unique line of work back in February, when she did an interview with Cheddar.

"Clandestine Service — we sort of call it the tip of the spear," she explained. "This is the really small group of men and women who go out undercover to build dialogue, in many cases, with our adversaries, or create some kind of a back channel so that if there is some kind of an attack, someone on the other side can raise their hand."

Fox said that the type of work she did goes all the way back to the Cold War, and is focused entirely on preventing violence and conflict. She went on to say that the years of service and diplomacy showed her how vital it was for women to find a place in global leadership roles.


"We are now over 15 years into a conflict that has been waged and executed primarily by men on both sides," she pointed out. "when I see women participating in peace-making around the table, we know statistically that peace that comes out of a negotiation run by women actually lasts longer."

Now that she has officially joined the famed Kennedy family, there is no telling what public service projects lie ahead for Fox.