Reba McEntire Floats Marriage With Boyfriend Rex Linn

Reba McEntire isn't opposed to walking down the aisle again.

They say third time's the charm. And it may just be for country icon, Reba McEntire. The "I'm a Survivor" singer was married to Charlie Battles from 1976 to 1987 and to Narvel Blackstock from 1989 to 2015. She's been in love with Rex Linn for a few years, and the topic of marriage is obviously starting to come up.

"If that's something he feels totally strong about, that's fine with me," she told E! News about marrying Linn. "He's never been married before. So, if he wants to experience that, I'm OK with that." She added that she doesn't "have much faith in being bound by a piece of paper or ring," and she is "truly committed to Rex."

According to Linn, they've been "pretty much inseparable ever since June 16 of 2020," when they reunited after she guest-starred on his show Young Sheldon. "It was just like a magnet," she said of their reunion. "We didn't get to see each other from January 'til June 16, but we created an intimacy by texting and talking over the telephone that we wouldn't have gotten if we'd have been together all of that time."

She's known Linn since 1991. Their foundation as friends has been beneficial to their romance. She says he's even given her a confidence boost. "When you do love yourself, that means you're confident, you're comfortable," she said. "You love yourself, and it's easier to love others."

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, McEntire revealed she met Linn while working on the Kenny Rogers movie The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw. "We kept in contact over the years, we both know the same people," McEntire said. "So it was just like good friends getting back together and having dinner ... then we started texting and talking on the telephone and getting to know each other better during the quarantine."

The two have worked together since becoming an item. And their shared interests are what keep them thriving. "[We've been] having discussions about our past, our [families], funny stories, him being an actor, me being an actress," McEntire shared on her Living & Learning podcast. "He's very into my music, I'm very into his career — it's just great getting to talk to somebody who I find very interesting, very funny and very smart, and is interested in me too."