Princess Love Has No Tears for Ray J After Divorce Filing

Princess Love isn't curled up in a bed crying just because her marriage to Ray J is seemingly over. TMZ caught up with the Prella Cosmetics owner while pushing her young tots out of the airport. When asked how she's been doing since Ray filed for divorce again recently, Princess says she's "never been better." Ray, who is currently in a Florida hospital battling a bad case of pneumonia, is also doing well, per Princess. "He's great," she responded. "He's alive and well and he's very near." When asked whether there's a chance of them rekindling things again, Princess says she's "just focused on working right now." 

She added that her primary focus is "taking care of my kids...they're my focus." But she has no plans on keeping her married name. When asked several times whether she'll keep Ray's last name, Norwood, she responded firmly, "I'm Princess Love, I've always been Princess Love."

The media outlet was the first to report that Ray filed for divorce from Princess a second time within a year. He filed days after announcing he was single on Instagram and while hooked up to an oxygen tank in the hospital. Princess first filed documents in May 2020, but took the divorce off the table just two months later as they worked through their issues. But by September, Ray apparently was fed up and filed, which Princess says blindsided her. He eventually withdrew the documents and they relocated to Miami with a new focus on their marriage and family. But even that didn't work. 

The couple has been dating since 2013 and have been on and off even before tying the knot. Before jumping the broom, there were several major blowups over Ray's bachelor lifestyle. Much of which has been documented on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Princess has confronted Ray about infidelity multiple times. During one blowup in New Orleans, Princess was arrested. She forgave him eventually and said it was the turning point in their relationship. 


They surprised the world when they announced their engagement in the midst of turbulent times but Ray vowed to change. They married in August 2016 and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Melody, in 2018. Their son Epik was born in January 2020. Things took a turn for the worse when Princess accused Ray of abandoning her and Melody amid an argument over Ray's desire to move to Las Vegas. She was eight months pregnant with Epik at the time and claims Ray went MIA, blocking her on social media and from calling him.