Pink and Carey Hart Channel 'I Love Lucy' for Festive Holiday Party Costumes

Pink and Carey Hart donned an adorable couples' costume this weekend for a celebrity Christmas party.

The celebrity couple got into character as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from the classic sitcom I Love Lucy. Pink put on a towering red wig with an old-school hair band, as well as a flowing red dress with matching heels. Hart sported a classy tuxedo, even putting on an old pair of Oxford shoes to complete the look.

"I really do love Lucy," Pink captioned an Instagram post from the night.

(Photo: Instagram @pink)

The costumes suited Pink and Hart, who are a beloved celebrity couple in their own right. The tow have been married since 2006, and they eature heavily in heartfelt social media posts about each other. They share two children — 7-year-old Willow and 1-year-old Jameson — and they are often held up as the epitome of parenting goals.

This weekend, they showed that they can still let their hair down -- metaphorically, at least. According to Hart's Instagram post, they attended a holiday party with a famous couples theme.

"Fun Xmas party last night!" he wrote. "Theme was famous couple so we went as Lucy and Ricky!"

(Photo: Instagram @hartluck)

Pink captioned another photo with heart emojis and a dancing woman, suggesting that the two brought their Lucy and Rick impressions to the dance floor. Things must have gotten a little crazy, as Hart later posted a picture of a questionable blow-up doll.

I Love Lucy is one of the most influential TV shows of its day. Back in 2012, it was voted the Best TV Show of All Time in an ABC News survey, proving that it has stood the test of time. The show followed a quirky and ambitious young woman and her doting husband as she strove to make it into the entertainment industry despite her apparent lack of any marketable talent.

The series relied heavily on slapstick comedy and physical humor — something Lucille Ball was famously adept at. It also pushed the envelope in a social sense, portraying a biracial couple at a time when many people in the U.S. looked down on the union.

For Pink's fans, it should come as no surprise that the show means so much to her. Like Ball, Pink is a trailblazer for women in the media, pushing the boundaries of what femininity means and how to be empowered in a real way. For her, part of that is a meaningful partnership with Hart, just as Lucy and Ricky's marriage was central to the show.


"I'm hoping Carey asks me on a date soon because it's been a while," Pink said in an Entertainment Tonight interview last October. She and Hart had just welcomed their son into the world less than a year beforehand.

"He's funny. He's naughty. I like his brain," she said of her husband.