Pete Davidson Appears to Have Kim Kardashian Tattoo Removed

Pete Davidson may have had his Kim Kardashian tattoo removed. New photos of the comedian show him with a bandage over his neck right on the spot where he got a tattoo to commemorate his romance with Kardashian earlier this year. This could signal that Kardashian and Davidson's breakup is for good and that Davidson is ready to move on.

Davidson was photographed on the set of his upcoming series Bupkis, where he could be seen sporting the neck bandage. The photos – published by Entertainment Tonight – show Davidson smiling at the camera in a casual tracksuit, with the bandage just barely visible over his collar. Davidson reportedly got a tattoo on that very spot early in 2022 which read "My girl is a lawyer," referencing Kardashian's recent acquisition of a law degree. However, sources close to him said that "while he continues to remove his tattoos, that image is from set and not related to removing the lawyer tattoo."

This phrasing is notable because it doesn't say outright that Davidson has removed the tattoo – or that he has not. He and Kardashian dated for about nine months and broke up amicably earlier this year. Fans did not expect the relationship to go on forever, and Kardashian later said that dating is a low priority for her right now.

"I'm not looking for anything. I think I just really need to be by myself and focus and finish school and my kids," Kardashian said during a recent interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan.

Still, the fact that Davidson got tattoos to commemorate this relationship in the first place struck many as a sign that he was taking it more seriously. Davidson reportedly had Kardashian's name tattooed on his chest as well, but Kardashian said that the "lawyer" ink was still her favorite. She described it during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in December of 2021.


"He was like, 'I want something that's there that I can't get rid of,'" she recalled. "Because he's in the process of getting rid of his arm tats and his neck tats. He's like, 'I don't want to be able to get rid of it or to cover it up. I just want it to be there as a scar on me.'"

Davidson seems to regard tattoos and tattoo removal differently than some others do. The comedian has gotten casual tattoos before, including some to commemorate other relationships. He has also joked about tattoo regrets and tattoo removal for years. It seems he still has a thick skin for the painful process.