Meghan McCain Credits Husband Ben Domenech in Helping Her 'Survive' Father John McCain's Cancer Battle

Meghan McCain credited husband Ben Domenech with helping her make it through her late father Sen. John McCain's cancer battle.

During Thursday's episode of The View, the co-host discussed how she married Domenech for love in November 2017, and he helped her "survive" the past year.

"I dated everything. Every kind of person possible. I dated extremely wealthy men, famous men, poor guys, everything in between -- and I married for love, honestly," McCain said during a discussion on people who marry for love.

She continued, "Everything else will work itself out. I married for love, and my husband carried me through my dad's cancer... And if I had married a jacka– that made the most money ever, that was the wealthiest dude I dated, no way I would have survived last year. I'm just saying, marry for love. As cheesy as that sounds!"

Domenech and McCain married in November 2017, four months after Sen. McCain was diagnosed with gilobastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. The ceremony took place at the McCain family ranch in Sedona, Arizona.

Since her father's death at age 81 in August, McCain has frequently paid tribute to the late Republican Senator on Instagram and during episodes of The View. On Dec. 31, McCain marked New Year's Eve by posting a photo of the snow-covered bench her father liked to sit on, covered with U.S. flags and the POW/MIA flag.

"Happy New Year Dad @senjohnmccain. I love you and miss you more intensely than I can possibly say ~ Illegitimi non carborundum," McCain wrote in the caption.

On Dec. 16, as the McCain family made preparations for Christmas, McCain shared a photo of her father, remembering what it was like to be with him on Christmas Day.

"You're omnipresent in my life, heart and mind Dad and it still doesn't feel real you aren't here," McCain wrote. "I try and remind myself that the intensity of the pain of missing you is important because it is a reminder of how my love for you was so incredibly strong. That the pain I carry is the trade off I made for loving someone so purely and I wouldn't change a thing about it, even now. I love you forever. Stay with me."

McCain also had an emotional moment on The View during a November episode before her first Thanksgiving without the senator. She offered a heartfelt message to others in her situation, spending a holiday without a loved one.


"If you're having a bad holiday season, right here, I'm with you," McCain told viewers. "Okay? Sometimes it's hard, and it's really hard with social media that everyone looks like they're having a perfect holiday. And for those of us who aren't, it's okay."

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