Keith Urban Reveals Nicole Kidman Broke Her Ankle During Quarantine

Nicole Kidman was photographed wearing a medical boot last week at her husband Keith Urban's drive-in concert for health care workers in Tennessee, and the singer revealed on the Australian show The Project that his wife had broken her ankle. "There's not been a whole lot of dancing going on at the house," Urban said. "About five weeks ago she was running around the neighborhood as she does and just didn't see a pothole and rolled her ankle and got a small break in her ankle. And so she's been relegated to the boot for the last handful of weeks and is still sort of getting through it."

"Her spirits have been amazing, I gotta say," he added. "She's been handling it way better than I would've." The "Polaroid" singer also opened up about how his family is doing during quarantine, saying, "We're doing alright, we're doing okay. Everybody's healthy and we're staying creative and active and giving back and we're doing okay." Urban has performed a number of virtual shows and appeared on several television specials during the pandemic and last week, he performed a concert at a drive-in theater outside of Nashville for workers from Vanderbilt University. "It was like a month ago, we were in the kitchen and Nic went, 'What about a drive-in?'" Urban said, crediting his wife for the idea.

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"And I'm like, 'What, go see a movie?' and she goes, 'No, no. Just play the drive-in.' And I went, 'To play! Great idea,'" he recalled. "It was great to be back on stage. It's not like it's been that long but a few months of not playing, for me, is a long, long time. So to even be on the back of this flatbed truck playing... it just felt really great." Urban, Kidman and their two daughters, Sunday and Faith, are currently at their home in Nashville and Urban admitted that "the hardest thing" is not knowing when they will be able to return to Australia to see their families.


"We want to get back and see our moms too, and Nic's sister's there and all of her family, my brother and his family, everybody's there, so we're really anxious to get back," he said before holding up a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar. "Stock back up on these because I'm down to the last one, which is tragic."