Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wedding Cake Baker Reveals Awkward Exchange With Queen Elizabeth

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in April, and in honor of that, ITV aired a new documentary titled The Day Will and Kate Got Married. Now Fiona Cairns, the woman behind the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding cake, is coming forward and publicly recalling the awkward moment she encountered with Queen Elizabeth II. Cairns shared the time they had to transport the cake into the reception venue at Buckingham Palace and awkwardly having to remove a door in the process.

In order for Cairns and her crew to get the three-feet-tall fruit cake inside the palace, they were forced to remove a door and as a response, the Queen made a remark about it. "I can remember her saying, 'I hear that you've been dismantling my house,'" Cairns said according to PEOPLE. "And I said to her, 'Well, we had to take a door down from the room below for the trolly to go through with the cake.' But it was all put back so in the end, it was fine."

The multi-layered cake was dressed with 900 leaf and floral touches and has lasted beyond their special day. In fact, several pieces of the cake were handed out at all three of their children's christenings. The two share Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. In a separate interview with Town & Country in 2018, Cairns admitted that she and her crew still had to pinch themselves when they were asked to make the royal couple's cake, admitting it was "an enormous responsibility."

"As soon as we were commissioned, from the time of the phone call, I had sleepless nights," she said. "We had to keep pinching ourselves. It's a very important part of the royal wedding, and it was the biggest, most important commission that we as a business had ever received." Their famous wedding that was watched by millions around the world, had two receptions. The first was hosted by the Queen that catered to 650 guests, while a second one was held for 300 guests and hosted by William's father, Prince Charles.

While several newlyweds feel the need to talk to everyone who attended their wedding the night of the reception, things were no different for the royal couple. In fact, onlookers noticed how attentive they were to their guests and even noted that they functioned very much like a "team" in the process. "They're definitely a team," Christopher Warren-Green, who is the music director of the London Chamber Orchestra, said. "They ask each other, 'Should we do so-and-so?' You can just see it."