Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Reportedly Engaged

Justin Bieber has reportedly proposed to Hailey Baldwin and sources say she said yes, according to multiple reports. "This might seem sudden," a source told PEOPLE, "but they know each other very well."

The young couple was spotted on a getaway in the Bahamas this weekend, according to a report by TMZ. Two fellow travellers told the outlet that they saw Bieber make his proposal in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Bieber's security team reportedly asked all the guests to put their phones away, keeping the moment contained to the people in the room.

Bieber, 24, and Baldwin, 21, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, reportedly dated in the past, but they broke up for a long while. This time around, they have only been seeing each other for about a month — since Bieber and Selena Gomez tried and failed to get back together. Still, sources close to them say the two have become practically inseparable since they've been reunited.

Bieber's father, Jeremy, shared a few cryptic posts seeming to confirm the engagement. On Instagram, he posted bright photo of his son's profile on the beach.

(Photo: Instagram @jeremybieber)

Proud is an understatement!" he wrote, tagging his son. "Excited for the next chapter!"

On Twitter, he added: "The proudest."

Pattie Mallette, Bieber's mother, also referenced the engagement on Twitter: "Love Love Love Love Love Love Love."

The engagement is eerily similar to that of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, who also got engaged after a short tenure dating this year. Davidson and Grande, too, were coming out of previous long term relationships before they began seeing each other, much like Bieber's short reunion with Gomez. The engagements may represent a trend for younger stars, spawning a whole generation of young and impulsive marriages.

For Bieber and Baldwin, however, the vows may hold much more weight, as they are both devout, practicing Christians. Baldwin herself was raised in an Evangelical lifestyle, and frequently posts scripture or religiously-themed messages on social media. Bieber has taken an increased interest in faith, even heading out to public churches in the L.A. area quite frequently.

Last month, Bieber took to Instagram with an unusually political post relating to his religion. He shared a short video clip with his followers, where a speaker on stage at the Relentless Church discussed the United States' recent immigration policies through a biblical lens.

"I'll simply say this," he said. "Anybody who is a Christian who has challenges with immigration may want to reference scripture." The speaker then told the condensed story of Joseph fleeing to Egypt to escape Herod the Great.

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"So, be careful how you treat immigrants," he finished, "because your savior was one."

Being an immigrant from Canada himself, it makes sense that Bieber would be displeased with the recently implemented "zero tolerance" policy.