Julia Fox Reportedly Gets Into Heated Fashion Week Altercation Amid Kanye West Romance

Is there trouble in paradise for Kanye West and his newest muse, Julia Fox? Apparently so, but not in the way people would believe. Page Six reports that the Fox got into a spat recently. Fox reportedly got into a public spat at Paris Haute Couture Week with Libbie Mugrabi. Mugrabi is a Manhattan socialite and a Page Six fixture. Problems began when Mugrabi and her friends approached Fox, 31, as she was dining with friends at the Hotel Costes in the French capital on Jan 25. Mugrabi then asked the Uncut Gems star if she would agree to be paid a fee to be photographed in her friend Celia Kritharioti's high-fashion designs, who has dressed celebrities such as Natalia Vodianova, Imán, Naomi Campbell, and Ye's former sister-in-law Khloé Kardashian.

Per Mugrabi alleges Fox snapped back saying, "Talk to my stylist," who was sitting nearby. In an interview with Page Six, Mugrabi told the outlet: "Julia was sitting in the restaurant with a group of people who were all in black, black lipstick, and looked like they had been dressed by the scary section of the Spirit Halloween store," she said. "When I asked if she would be photographed in my friend Celia's designs, Fox seemed insulted and, after I spoke to people at her table, she said, 'You are being very rude to my friend!' She also accused me of being inebriated, which I was not."

Fox then allegedly told Mugrabi, "You must be drunk or something?" The actress' friend, Richie Shazam, reportedly shouted, "This is a set-up! We are probably being taped!"

But Fox's team is telling a different story. "Julia was having a private dinner and Libbie and her friends kept coming up to her table," Fox's camp told the outlet. "Approaching a table during dinner and asking for a paid engagement is not really appropriate. Julia never said, 'Talk to my stylist.' That's just ridiculous. Libbie was being rude to her friend, so Julia stood up for her friend. Libbie was wearing a trucker hat with the word 'gaslight' on it and that was literally what she was trying to do to Julia and her friends."


Ye and Fox have been spotted around the world since meeting in Miami weeks ago. In true Ye fashion, the couple have been donning matching outfits during their outings.