Jordyn Woods Allegedly Did Not Know 'How to Handle' Tristan Thompson's Attention

Jordyn Woods may simply have been caught off guard by the attention she received from Tristan Thompson, according to a new report.

Fans were shocked early this week to learn that Woods, Kylie Jenner's best friend and occasional Keeping Up With The Kardashians guest star, had been seen hooking up with Thompson. Many fans were furious at Woods on Khloe Kardashian's behalf, but now a source close to Woods has told Us Weekly that she just "didn't know how to handle" Thompson's advances.

"Jordyn was insecure and always known as [Kylie Jenner's] BFF, so once she started getting attention on her own as her own person from Tristan, she didn't know how to handle it," the insider explained. "Jordyn was on a little bit of a high, but now is at her lowest point. It's really sad for Kylie because Jordyn was Kylie's only real friend and she feels lost."

The source, who reportedly works on the production end of reality TV, went on to say that this whole debacle is by no means staged or exaggerated. That makes it all the harder for Kardashian, Woods and Jenner.

"The cameras have been rolling through all of this and so much of the Kardashians' stuff is planned and set up, but this Jordyn stuff is real," they said.

Woods has yet to make a public statement on the whole cheating story, and she has been off of social media since last weekend. A source close to Kardashian previously told the publication that she had confronted Woods, but the model denied the reports about Thompson.

"When Khloé confronted Jordyn, at first she denied it," they said. "But then she admitted it."

That may have been in part because Thompson himself did not deny the affair. The former NBA player "admitted it was true," and Kardashian reportedly ended their relationship over it.

However, sources did say that one part of the reports going around is false: the claim that Thompson and Woods had been seeing each other for a while in secret.

"This was the first time something happened between Tristan and Jordyn. This was not going on for a while — that story out there is not true," the source said.

Kardashian has continued to fill her Instagram Story with cryptic messages, not directly addresing the cheating scandal though clearly pondering it. On Saturday, she posted a text block noting that she was ill-equipped to deal with some patterns of behavior.


"We have to accept that some people are really f—ed up and it's not our job to heal them," it read.

Photo credit: Getty Images