Jill Martin, 'Today' Show Host, Engaged to Boyfriend Erik Brooks

The Today Show's Jill Martin is officially engaged to boyfriend Erik Brooks.

Martin announced the engagement to her Today Show audience on Tuesday, confirming rumors that Brooks had made his proposal last week. The two went away for a trip to the Hamptons, and while Martin was off fans speculated that they might make it official. On the show, Martin took a moment to share the story.

"[Erik] told me we were going to a friends house for a casual kick-off to summer party... (he even sent me a paperless post with the fake invite). I kinda knew something was fishy but couldn't put my finger on it!" the 43-year-old said.

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I SAID YES! I am over the moooooonmnnnnnn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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However, instead of a friend's house, Brooks led Martin to the beach, where he had prepared a tent near the water filled with mementos of their romance.

"When I looked in the tent there were pics of us from the last year and 8 months framed everywhere... candles... flowers... all our favorite songs on a playlist," Martin gushed.

Once she had seen the spectacle, Brooks wasted no time in popping the question. He got down on one knee and presented a ring, and Martin admitted she was a little caught off guard and did not respond right away.

"It took me a few mins to say yes — he actually said 'Is the answer 'yes'?' as I hadn't responded! I said of course!!! Yes!!" she said.

Not wanting to keep the joy to himself, Brooks arranged for Martin's closest friends and family to come and meet them after the proposal so that they could all celebrate together.

"He had my parents walk into the tent and his parents surprised me and flew in from Florida! His 3 kids, his sister and the rest of the family came the next day for the weekend," Martin said. "BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

The engagement may last for a while, Martin said, as the couple is not in a rush. They want to make it special, and the working couple knows that it is better not to rush.

"(We) haven't even thought about a wedding date yet — just so happy to know I will be spending the rest of my life with him," she said. "He is my real life prince charming. I couldn't have created a better storybook ending."


Martin met Brooks online in 2017, as she explained in an essay on Today.com. The TV host admitted that she was skeptical of online dating at first, but she found the experience rewarding and recommends it to others -- particularly skeptics like her. More than anything, she is glad that she held out for the right guy.

"Erik is kind, honest, funny and puts family first: he has three beautiful children whom I adore," she wrote. "We were both lucky enough to grow up in households filled with love, support and tons of laughter (which our parents say is a huge part of the recipe for success), and we both emulate our parents' relationships and joke that in 50 years we will be celebrating and just as in love as they are."