Jana Kramer Hosts Podcast Episode Without Husband Mike Caussin Amid Split Rumors

Jana Kramer fueled rumors of a split with husband Mike Caussin this week when she recorded an episode of their podcast, Whine Down, without him. In the episode — which she recorded with some mom friends, including Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson — she delved into her and Caussin's trust struggles.

"It's a new year, new us," Kramer, 36, began Sunday's episode. Toward the end, she and her guests discussed trust issues in response to a listener's question. "How do you rebuild trust when even his love is a trigger?" the listener asked.

Kramer gave some of her thoughts based on her four-year marriage to Caussin, 32. "That's what I've always been trying to find, though," she reflected. "How do you rebuild trust? I think it's just time. Time and a lot of therapy, and a lot of proven, consistent, rigorous honesty."

The country singer and One Tree Hill alum offered a tip that she and the former NFL player learned from therapy. "[It's] the 24-hour rule. You have 24 hours if you lie to come back and say, 'Hey, you know what? I messed up. That was a lie.' And that shows change. That shows some honesty. That shows a little growth. But I would say, get therapy because it's worth it."

Kramer sparked breakup rumors in December when she shared a cryptic social media message. "2019. Ur coming to a very interesting end ... and for now, all I have to say is... Time heals all wounds," she wrote on Instagram, captioning a photo of herself looking solemn.

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Although Us Weekly reported that she removed the word "wife" from her Instagram bio, as well as Caussin's name from the title of their podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin, she restored his name to the podcast the next day as well as added "wife" back to her bio, where it remains.

The Dancing With the Stars alum also removed a number of photos of the couple from her grid, including one from last month in which she opened up about a "tough couples therapy session."

The couple had a tumultuous year, revealing on Whine Down in March that Caussin had recently suffered a sex addiction relapse. Then in October, they told listeners that Kramer found a photo of a topless woman on his phone.

"So...If I'm being honest...this photo isn't real life right now," she wrote at the time under the photo, which made headlines when it was first posted. "Today was a tough couples therapy session. Nothing big happened, just a lot of feelings that were held in and damn did they come out today. So though it shows us smiling right now I wanted to be honest and say yup marriage can be hard and it takes a lot of hard work."

She added at the time, "And even after the tough session Mike and I said our I love you's because at the end of the day the love is always there."


Last week, however, a source told Us Weekly that Kramer and Caussin haven't given up on their marriage. "There are ups and downs with them, but they are working through it right now," the source said. "Jana and Mike are looking towards a strong 2020.

Kramer and Caussin, who wed in 2015, are also the parents of 3-year-old daughter Jolie.