Dr. Dre Legally Single Amid Difficult Divorce

As the latest update in Dr. Dre's long divorce battle with his former wife Nicole Young, both [...]

As the latest update in Dr. Dre's long divorce battle with his former wife Nicole Young, both parties have been deemed legally single once again. According to court documents, the court entered a status-only judgment granting them both single status, but the two still have a long way to go in terms of finalizing their split. The decisions of assets, debts and spousal support have yet to be determined.

At the moment, the couple's case is being held up while the courts determine the validity of the duo's signed prenuptial agreement –– which is the deciding factor on how the property will be divided. Young claims the agreement is invalid since she was under duress by her former husband at the time of signing. Young alleges her husband of 24 years was abusive to her on multiple occasions, resulting in a few calls to the police and claims the rapper-turned-mogul pulled a gun on her at one point.

"Andre held a gun to my head on two occasions, on January 8, 2000, and November 20, 2001," she claimed in court documents. "Andre has punched me in the head/face on two occasions, in 1999 and on January 8, 2000." She says Dre (born Andre Young) also once kicked down her bedroom door in a fit of anger as recently as 2016 and the overall abuse has left her with post-traumatic stress syndrome. "His long-term abuse must be a factor that the court takes into account in awarding support and fees," she continued in the filing. Dre denies the claims of abuse saying, "at no time did I abuse Nicole or threaten her physical safety."

Young is arguing that the "Still D.R.E." rapper should pay for her legal fees as well as nearly $2 million in monthly spousal support, which he partly agreed to. In early January, the rapper agreed in court documents to pay his estranged wife $500,000 for her legal fees and a temporary spousal support payment of $2 million. He continues to pay for Young's living expenses at her new home in Malibu as well as her mother's home for the next few months. But, he will not be held liable for the $5 million payment in attorney fees or for hiring new personal security detail on Young's behalf. Young filed for divorce in June 2020 due to irreconcilable differences. The couple shares two adult children together: son Truice and daughter Truly.