'Divorce Imminent': Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Over 'Saving' Ben Affleck Marriage

The latest reports see Jennifer Lopez giving up on Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have tossed plenty of fuel on the rumor mill about their divorce with their latest decision. According to TMZ, multiple sources indicate Affleck and Lopez are working with realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency to sell the marital home they purchased last year. As the outlet notes, the couple bought the $60 million Beverly Hills mansion, searching for 2 years before deciding on the property.

This latest report supports recent headlines that indicated Affleck had already moved out of the house into a rental in Brentwood, while Lopez is already searching for another home. TMZ notes that the mansion has been open for showings for around two weeks at this point.

The couple is reportedly seeking "around $65 million," which TMZ notes would be at a loss, adding even more fuel to the rumors. If it is the end of the romance, it was a fun short sequel that even had a surprise Vegas wedding at the top. As much as people seemed happy at that point, it would seem that love is once again dead.

Reports have indicated that many of the same issues from their first relationship started to pop up again. The timing couldn't have come at a worse time for Lopez, on the heels of her new Netflix movie Atlas and the cancellation of her planned tour. The final two details reportedly have hit a chord with Lopez and left her confused over the "bad press" she has been thrust into. 

"Jenny has had enough and she really tried but she can do no more, it's not getting any better, it's worse," a source told the outlet about Lopez's current feelings on the marriage. They also add that a big reason for the rift between the pair is Affleck's "grumpy and negative" attitude.

"There is no one to blame here. It just was not in the cards. It is very hard for two massive stars to keep a marriage going, one has to give in, and in this case neither gave in," the source adds. According to The Daily Mail, the source also hinted at why Lopez is through trying to salvage the marriage.

"Ben is a great guy but he can be grumpy and a downer. I think the world saw that in photos like when they were at the Grammys last year; he wouldn't smile," the source details. "If they saw how it really was, they would not attack her. He chain smokes and cusses and seems irritated a lot of the time. Great director and actor, but not a lot of laughs with him, you know?"