Ariel Winter Reveals Wild Snake Picture With Perfect Caption

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Ariel Winter has taken to Instagram yet again, but this time it is not a picture we were at all expecting. This round, she posed with boyfriend Levi Meaden and... a wild looking snake. She has been known to feature all kinds of guests and friends in her pictures, but this is definitely a first:

Winter uses her Instagram to post a ton of curvy pictures (to say the least) so seeing something like this snake is a new treat. Just a few days ago, Winter posted a sweet Valentine's Day photo with boyfriend Meaden holding her up during a big smooch.

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As audiences have watched her grow up over the years, Winter happily embraces her womanly curves. In fact, she even took measures to appear less curvy, as she opted for breast reduction surgery in 2015 to reduce her bra size from 32F to 32D.

Although the photos of her physique are what will drive most of her followers wild, I can't help but get envious of that massive pile of delicious looking nachos that Meaden is about to dive into.

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