'American Idol' Favorite Reveals Reveals 'Blowout' Wedding Celebration

Her wedding reception had a mid-2000s pop-punk theme.

Jax and her fiancé Brave Gregg tied the knot in an elegant Scottsdale wedding attended by 300 family members and friends. "We were best friends first, accidental business partners in life and creative soulmates of each other," the 27-year-old musician told PEOPLE in an interview ahead of the wedding.

Jax and Gregg kicked off their celebrations on Friday night in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a rehearsal dinner. The next day, their official ceremony began at 4 p.m. local time. 

"We were toying with the idea of doing something very private and then decided that we met so many amazing people over the last two years of our lives that we wanted to celebrate with everyone and have a blowout and throw a big party for everyone," Gregg, 32, said.

With the ceremony officiated by Jax's brother Matt, a retired U.S. Marine, the couple opted for a traditional look as Jax wore a white gown. "It's such a perfect combination of both of our families stitched into one dress," she said.

"On my side of the family we're very East Coast, where weddings and parties are sparkles, glitz and glam, Brooklyn and Jersey vibes," she added. "For his family, they're very West coast, Arizona, Los Angeles, so very vintage, more hippie type vibes. It's almost like all of those things in one dress and it's so simple and so beautiful."

She continued: "I loved it because I'm definitely a tomboy at heart, I haven't worn a dress in a long time." While the bridal party made their way down the aisle, Wayne Wilkins played an arrangement on a white Casio piano as Jax walked down the aisle to some of her favorite romantic pop-punk songs.

According to the outlet, the couple exchanged traditional vows at the altar. "I get to finally walk down the aisle with my best friend, the love of my life and spend the rest of my life with her," Gregg said.

The couple chose to have things more traditional during the ceremony but went with a different approach to the reception. Gregg shared: "From the get-go, we both wanted to throw an emo-themed reception, we're both kids at heart, and that led to the decision to go with emo color and theme throughout the reception."

"Think early to mid-2000s pop-punk theme," Jax, who changed into a black dress for the reception, says. "We're going to have our grandparents wearing guyliner. Some of our favorite bands who are attending might jump up on stage to perform." They said Super Soakers had to be included during the reception. "This is so we can spray down anyone who tries to cause drama," Gregg says."

The newlyweds provided their guests with a plated, sit-down dinner at the reception. The menu featured braised short rib, Chilean sea bass, and a Malibu rum cocktail using Pernod Ricard alcoholic. Dessert was a black icing, red velvet wedding cake. Following dinner, the couple shared their first dance to Paramore's song "All I Wanted" later on in the evening. 

"We want the traditional, spiritual, and romantic for our families. And then the fun off the wall for friends," Jax told PEOPLE. "Brave is first and foremost my best friend before anything. He's the Arizona warmth to my New York cold. The patience to my craziness. The calm to my storm," she continued. "He definitely grounds me. We're polar opposite of each other and that's how it works. He's been my stable force over the last few years with everything going on."

As a late-night snack, the couple also served pizza to guests. Gregg and Jax met at a music video shoot and industry party. Gregg was filming the video, and Jax was in it. "We were there at the shoot with our respective dates at the time," Jax said. "We ended up going out to dinner at an old country bar later, and that's how it began."

Gregg proposed to Jax after a performance at Rockin' New Year's Eve in Times Square on Dec. 31, 2022. "I told her she had an interview before the ball dropped, so I led her down to this hospitality suite that I set up with a thousand candles and rose petal everywhere," he said. "I surprised her and asked her to marry me."

With their wedding over, they are already planning their honeymoon and hope to settle down and raise a family one day. "I love her intelligence. She pushes me to be a better person every day. Without her, I'd be a complete shut-in, video game addict," Gregg said.