Aaron Rodgers Leaves Flirty Comment on Danica Patrick's New Workout Snap

Aaron Rodgers is keeping the romance alive with a flirtatious comment on Danica Patrick's Instagram over the weekend.

Rodgers and Patrick have been dating for about a year, and it seems to be going well. Last Saturday night, Patrick posted a photo on Instagram showing herself mid-workout wearing a sports bra and sheen of sweat. She looked imposing in black and white, and Rodgers showed how he felt with a string of three fire emojis.

Patrick's post was all about fitness during the holidays -- a literal sore subject for many people. The recently retired race car driver is trying to help by offering a 12 week intensive workout program that fans can follow along and do with her.

(Photo: Instagram / Danica Patrick)

"So, ya know... if you're think about shaping up after the holidays I am doing my 12 week workout program [Pretty Intense by Danica] starting Jan 7," she wrote. "The workouts are in my book and the moves are mini vids on the PI website. Link for book in my bio."

Patrick is not just selling the workout to fans, however. She is putting her money where her mouth is by doing it herself. She encouraged her followers to get on the same schedule as her so that they could hold something of a competition.

"I will be posting my reps and times on the PI IG account," she wrote. "Let's make it fun and maybe a little bit competitive. Now, I won't be there to make sure your reps are quality and you won't see mine, but I promise I will be doing it all legit! Join me."

Patrick got thousands of likes and comments on the post, with other fans vowing to do the workout with her. Many thanked her for laying out an easy to follow guide to fitness, and for being a role model to show women and girls what is possible.

"You go girl. Looking good. Such a role model, even for us old women," one fan wrote. "Love you."

Since then, Patrick has posted a time lapse video of one of her workouts as well as a scoreboard showing her race with a friend. Of course, working out is not all that Patrick has been up to. Retirement seems to suit the racecar driver, who has been enjoying life off of the track.

Patrick posted photos of herself visiting the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and a quaint little cafe in Paris, France last week. After that, she returned home and posed for a photo with her father, showing the Christmas present she had made for him. With her sister's help, she framed one of his racing suits beside hers.


"We all cried," she admitted. "It's my first and last suit. It was an emotional year of leaving something behind that was such a huge part of our lives."