'AGT' Judge Julianne Hough Revealing Husband Brooks Laich Sucks on Her Toes Has Fans Seriously Grossed Out

America's Got Talent judge Julianne Hough recently revealed that her husband Brooks Laich sucks on her toes, and the admission has fans seriously grossed out. Earlier this week, Laich had sexologist Miss Jaiya on his podcast How Men Think, and during their conversation he spoke candidly about his and Hough's bedroom activities, revealing, “My wife really enjoys it when I suck on her toes. True story. Hey, we play around. Why not?”

However, that was not entirely accurate, according to Hough, who later clarified to PEOPLE, “There was definitely something he misquoted on one of his podcast episodes, though. I was like, ‘Let me clear that up.’ He likes to suck on my toes, I don’t like it!”

Furthermore, she also addressed how "open" she and Laich are, adding, "We never ask each other for permission because that means somebody has power over one another. We just make sure we know we respect each other. Whatever topic he brings up, it’s great.”

Many social media users have been commenting on all the talk about Hough's toes, with one person simply tweeting, "Gross."

"Thanks for clearing this up....I can now continue with my life!" another person joked.

"For the love of God, shut up about this stuff!!! [Too much information]!!! Keep your personal life to yourself, how about that idea? Not everything has to be broadcast all over social media, trust me. Show some class," someone else exclaimed.

"Part of married life and intimacy is keeping the private parts of your life private. That’s what makes it intimate. Sharing doesn’t mean 'with the world.' The longest lasting marriages don’t blab about EVERYTHING. Very immature," one other person tweeted.

"Kinda surprised that a girl raised in the Mormon faith has to keep blabbing her mouth about matters that should remain private between her and her husband. She's so full of herself now that she thinks the public wants to hear all the salacious details, but they really don't," a fifth user chimed in.


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Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images