There Is One Very Strange Thing Going On In Kim Kardashian’s Recent Social Media Pics

Since Kim Kardashian's return to social media following the Paris robbery, many of her 90 million followers have noticed  something particularly peculiar regarding the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's recent posts.

he always has my back 😜

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In the handful of snaps that the 36-year-old reality star has shared in recent weeks, Kim has been using a specific filter that makes the pictures look grainy like that of retro-type photos.

While Kim's Instagram followers are thrilled that she is back posting on social media, they have been more interested in how the old-school nature of the pics appear to make her celebrity family look "poor."

"Why are trying so har to look poor in these pictures!!! So fake once again [sic]" one user posted.

Another user angrily wrote: "So we're using a filter to make you photos look grainy and you all are wearing $700 sweat pants and we're supposed to think you're all of a sudden down to earth?? So stupid!"

Others are just simply confused.

"All I know is most people wouldn't get robbed, go into hiding and come back with fully clothed pictures that look like we are in the 70's"

"'I have an idea, let's take pictures that aesthetically make us look poor' - Kim & crazy kanye...GIRL BYE."


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Some people on Instagram criticized Kim for the retro look of her recent social media snaps, but other users praised her for sharing photos of her loved ones.

"I'm happy to see you two taking a break or you allowed yourselves to step back and enjoy each other and family."

my boys ❤️

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Given how tumultuous the past few months have been for Kim's family, the reality star likely has more important things to worry about.

Earlier this week, Kim's DASH store was robbed, which only adds another layer of stress after the Paris Robbery and Kanye's hospitalization.

What was your reaction after seeing Kim Kardashian's recent Instagram posts?

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