Asuka Wins the Women's Royal Rumble

WWE held the first Women's Royal Rumble match in company historuy ion Sunday from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

The first two entrants for the match were Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. The complete order of entrance, as well as who eliminated each performer was as follows:

Order of Entrance

  1. Sasha Banks
  2. Becky Lynch
  3. Sarah Logan
  4. Mandy Rose
  5. Lita
  6. Kairi Sane
  7. Tamina
  8. Dana Brooke
  9. Torrie Wilson
  10. Sonya DeVille
  11. Liv Morgan
  12. Molly Holly
  13. Lana
  14. Michelle McCool
  15. Ruby Riott
  16. Vickie Guerrero
  17. Carmella
  18. Natalya
  19. Kelly Kelly
  20. Naomi
  21. Jacquelyn
  22. Nia Jax
  23. Ember Moon
  24. Beth Pheonix
  25. Asuka
  26. Mickie James
  27. Nikki Bella
  28. Brie Bella
  29. Bayley
  30. Trish Stratus

Order of Elimination

  1. Mandy Rose (by Lita)
  2. Tamina (by Lita)
  3. Lita (by Lynch)
  4. Kairi Sane (by Dana Brooke)
  5. Dana Brooke (by Torrie Wilson)
  6. Torrie Wilson (by Sonya Deville)
  7. Sarah Logan (by Molly Holly)
  8. Sonya DeVille (by McCool)
  9. Live Morgan (by McCool)
  10. Molly Holly (by McCool)
  11. Lana (by McCool)
  12. Vickie Guerrero (by McCool, Banks, Lynch and Riott)
  13. Michelle McCool (by Natalya)
  14. Becky Lynch (by Riott)
  15. Jacquelyn (by Nia Jax)
  16. Kelly Kelly (by Nia Jax)
  17. Ruby Riott (by Nia Jax)
  18. Naomi (by Nia Jax)
  19. Beth Phoenix (by Natalya)
  20. Ember Moon (by Asuka)
  21. Carmella (by Nikki Bella)
  22. Mickie James (by Trish Status)
  23. Nia Jax (by the field)
  24. Bayley (by Sasha Banks)
  25. Natalya (by Trish Stratus)
  26. Trish Stratus (by Sasha Banks)
  27. Sasha Banks (by Bella Twins)
  28. Brie Bella (by Nikki Bella)
  29. Nikki Bella (by Asuka)

The match started off with Maira Menounos giving the introduction as special guest announcer, while Stephanie McMahon made her way down to ringside as special guest commentator.

It didn't take long for the match to get its first big surprise, as former WWE Women's Champion Lita came out at No. 5. This could explain why she was absent from RAW 25 this past week. Lita was the first to score an elimination, knocking out Mandy Rose.

Natalya is out next, but gets yanked off the apron by Carmella before she can enter the ring.

Kairi Sane arrived at No.6, marking the first time a woman from NXT and the Mae Young Classic arrived in the match. Sane hit Lita with "Walking the Plank" then dropped the Insane Elbow off the top rope to Sasha Banks.

Lita rallied back with a Twist of Fate, then hit Lynch with the Swanton Bomb onto Lynch. She then got Tamina eliminated, only to then be knocked out by Lynch.

The match got another former Diva with the No. 9 entrant as Torrie Wilson came out. She immediately hit Brooke with her finisher and cleaned house. Minutes later she tossed broke over the ropes, then kicked her legs to force an elimination. The current roster is having a tough time handling the legends early on.

DeVille arrived as the other half of Absolution, quickly elimination Torrie Wilson with a kick.

At No.12 is Molly Holly, who quickly knocks out Molly Holly then hits Banks with a move off the top rope.

Lana comes out at No.13, which prompted a Rusev Day chant from the crowd. Sadly Rusev did not come out to the ring with his wife.

Mrs. Undertaker Michelle McCool came out at No. 14 wearing her old LayCool gear. She came out swinging by attacking Morgan, DeVille and Lana with knees in the corner. She then rattled off four eliminations, taking out the three mentioned women along with Molly Holly.

EXCUSE ME! Yep, Vickie Guerrero comes out at No. 16 with no entrance music, but she yells her catchphrase a good six times before the rest of the field turns their attention to her.

She did not last long, getting eliminated by the four women still in the match.

Carmella comes out at No. 17 and gets in Guerrero's face. The former SmackDown! general manager returns the favor by hitting Carmella with her own briefcase.

The ring continues to fill up as Natalya regains her composure and tosses out McCool.

Lynch's run comes to an end at 31 minutes when Riott tosses her over, then attacks her hands as she tries to hold on.

Jacquelyn joins the group of former Divas to enter the match at No. 21.

Nia Jax comes in to clean house at No. 22, tossing out three women. Jax then tries to toss Naomi but she lands on a pile of women on the floor and makes it to the barricade.

Another NXT Champion makes an appearance as Ember Moon comes out at No. 23 and went straight after Nia. Her arm is still bandaged from her encounter at Saturday's TakeOver.

Naomi takes a play out of Kofi Kingston's playbook by using Menounous' chair to get back into the ring. She leaps off the top rope onto Jax, only for Jax to catch her and toss her out.

Beth Phoenix comes out next for a stare down with Jax, earning a big pop from the crowd. Phoenix tires to lift Jax over her shoulder but keeps getting stopped. Natalya joins in and the two former tag partners toss Jax, but only through the second ropes. they hug, then Natalya turns and eliminates the Hall of Famer.

Asuka in at No. 25 and locks eyes with Ember Moon, her former NXT rival. Moon hits the Eclipse, but Asuka attacks the injured arm to force the elimination.

Nikki Bella enters to a big ovation from the crowd. She cleans house and stares down Charlotte at ringside, while the crowd briefly stars a "John Cena sucks!" chant. That guy can't catch a break tonight.

Bella eliminates Carmella, then is joined by her sister Brie Bella. This prompts the crowd to start a "Yes! chant" Jax tries to get back in the ring only for the Bella twins to kick her down again.

The fans start chanting for Ronda Rousey as the final entrant counts down. But instead it's WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. Stratus hits a few ladies then locks eyes with rival Mickie James.

Stratus knocks out James only to get blindsided by Jax. She fights the entire remaining women, bu the group manages to toss her over.


Stratus eliminates Natalya, then tries to hit Stratusfaction on Banks only to get tossed. That leaves the final four at the Bella Twins, Banks and Asuka.

Banks goes after Asuka, only for the Bella Twins to toss her. She's the clear Ironwoman of the match staying in for more than 54 minutes.

The sisters team up on Asuka, stopping her from elimination Brie. Nikki hits her finisher on Asuka, then blindsides Brie for an elimination.

The final two women battle it out for a while. Nikki gets Asuka over the rope, but Asuka gets her with a headscissors. With both on the apron, Asuka gets the elimination with a kick.