WWE Teasing Heel Turn For Big Cass

Could Big Cass be making a BIG change to his character? For the first time since Enzo and Cass' debut, WWE is teasing a possible heel turn for the 7 footer.

After another backstage attack on Enzo, Cass is starting to look like a likely suspect.

The most interesting moment on tonight's Raw came when Corey Graves left the announce booth to go deal with a strange message on his phone. The call took him back to Kurt Angle's office for something that appeared to have to do with Angle's job.

Moments later, however, Big Cass would approach Graves at the announce table to find out "what he knew." Cass got defensive, wondering if he was being accused of attacking his "little brother", Enzo.

Last week, a grainy video showed The Revival walking out of the backstage area after the attack, but this week, Kurt Angle and Corey Graves both told Big Cass they had proof that it wasn't Dash and Dawson who took out Zo.

Oddly enough, Cass was quick to emphatically insist to Kurt Angle that it was The Revival who were behind the attack, despite evidence that pointed elsewhere.

Enzo and Cass have completely stalled out since their hot debut last year. At some point, we knew Cass would grow tired of taking up for his pal and forge a solo path of his own.

The WWE clearly loves the duo as a team, but Vince has never been shy about pushing his giants to the top of the card. Cass may be a little too green to get there now, but it likely won't be too long until he gets his own run.


Is WWE ready to pull the trigger on a Big Cass heel turn?

Being a best friend forever? You can't teach that.